Trying Neovim again (this time with nvoid). we'll see how long I last. None of the open source GUI editors for Linux really appeal to me at the moment

I was getting a lot of errors with Nvoid for whatever reason, so I have switched to Lunarvim. Other than that, it's going quite well so far!

yeah I like it when it is set up with the right plugins and stuff. I just need to learn to use it properly!

@hyperlinkyourheart *hides nano and Kate instances* yeah, neovim pretty dope! What's nvoid?

@pixelkeen Check out Micro, it's pretty great as an alternative to Nano. I would use it instead of nvim except that the filemanager plugin doesn't seem to work properly.

nvoid is basically a collection of plugins for nvim that make it work a bit more like an IDE, and code for managing them. I don't want to have to worry about all that stuff for now...

@hyperlinkyourheart oh cool! I looked it up for info but didn't get too far. Learned the creator was 14 is as far as I got. Impressive!

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