I was reading a bit about last night and I'm real excited to try it. I love but an energy efficient compiled language that is as easy to write would be amazing. I failed out of pretty quick...

Not a great experience so far though - choosenim is broken on Ubuntu 22.04 based systems and the manual install instructions appear to be out of date as well!

I got it installed anyway so it'll be Tutorial Tuesday later I guess

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@hyperlinkyourheart I keep tossing up between nim and zig for compiled single executable language of choice (having also largely failed out of rust...)

I'm familiar with python so nim syntax is very approachable whereas zig scares the shit out of me (which might be a good thing?)

keen to hear more of your experience!

@aynish Yeah I kinda looked at Zig as well but it didn't seem quite as appealing 😬

I will post whenever I have thoughts about my experience with Nim anyway!

@hyperlinkyourheart You could just compile your Python code, although learning new languages is of course a good idea.
The big ones I know are mypyc, Numba, and Cython.

Honestly if you don't need the absolute best performance and the most predictable latency, go with a compiled language with a GC. Linear(-ish) types (like in Rust) and manual memory management would be overkill.
Go is IMHO pretty nice and very mature.

@csepp True. Cython's pretty cool, but I found it quite like writing C when you get down to writing optimised code, though that is optional of course. Getting segfaults was a bit off-putting.

Go's popularity is certainly appealing, but I have heard some not-so-good things about it...

Anyway I'm going to try Nim and we'll see, I'm not committing to a big project in it or anything.

@hyperlinkyourheart You'll hear not so good things about just about every language that is used on a large scale. UwU
Nim does look cool though, I don't want to discourage you from it.
I brought up Go because I have first hand experience with it being very easy to get into. The tools largely just work and there is a lot of excellent tooling built in. Those are very useful when you are just starting out.

@csepp That's true, some people hate Python after all (and some criticisms of it are totally valid) 😄

@hyperlinkyourheart it’s probably an old hat but have you tried bevy? It’s by far the most awesome game engine in the Rust ecosystem. It is super easy to learn and has an extremely ergonomic ECS.

it looks pretty cool but I think I am not really cut out for Rust itself 😅 I will probably stick with Godot for gamedev

Thanks but I already did a course in it and I don't think it's for me. Not right now anyway.

@hyperlinkyourheart Based on this comment, I wrote up this quick post:

The post describes a way to install nim using just curl and tar. I use that approach to have Nim globally installed at work.


@kaushalmodi I appreciate it, but I already got it installed to my home directory, which is good enough for me for now. It was easy enough to install, the method just didn't match the instructions. I will mention that on the forums as you suggest.

@hyperlinkyourheart I did some work on Nim std library in college, it is an awesome language!

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