The TV show "For All Mankind" also did this weird thing where they had a fictional Soviet moon landing featuring a real male cosmonaut, and then a second one with a fictional female cosmonaut.

The actual first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, wasn't mentioned until the second season - her accomplishment erased by a show that's ostensibly about women's empowerment.

Such a gross weird piece of American propaganda

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@hyperlinkyourheart as much as i enjoyed the set and detail in this show it was very much an aggressive american propaganda piece throughout, like watching a tom clancy book

@hyperlinkyourheart i really didn't like how horribly they treated queer characters and rights, either, because REASONS, and yea it was definitely of the Lean In bullshit Feminism variety.

@June yeah I liked it on the surface level of seeing space exploration being done. It got even worse in season 2 if you made it that far! And also the dealt with mental health issues was just awful...

@hyperlinkyourheart yeaaa i hate-watched the later episodes. guns! on the moon!

@June lol hate watched is right! oh they shot that guy in cold blood and they're still the good guys? right on 🙄

@hyperlinkyourheart While I agree that how they dealt with it was awful, I kind of took it as they might be moving forward in some places but not in others. If they had done that in a reasonable way I don't think I would have believed it.

Okay. Pause. Now I've thought about it some more and uhm no... At the time I saw it as being about toxic masculinity, but what the show did was show us that it's possible to just "power through it"? Is that what happened? It's been a while since I watched it.

Maybe the next season starts with Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness being released a decade earlier.

Thanks for the insight about Valentina Tereshkova.

@June Agree.

@human_equivalent @hyperlinkyourheart yea i mean i'm hopeful they do actually move forward on the queer storyline but it was handled very bad and gross so far

@human_equivalent @June I can see an argument that they were being realistic about certain aspects of society rather than pretending that everything was suddenly perfect for everybody. But then the premise of the show is already pretending that things were better for women, so there's a pretty weird disconnect there I feel.

Regarding Gordo - yeah as I remember it Ed basically just tells him to snap out of it, be a man etc. and he does, successfully. Interesting arc but terrible resolution

@hyperlinkyourheart @human_equivalent and then he almost kills them both in a weird dog fight? i just, like, this show was ing on american-ness in a way i didn't think it meant to

@hyperlinkyourheart @human_equivalent like there was LITERALLY NO REASON not to give the lesbian astronaut a great speech about queer rights in the situation where the ONLY PERSON who would know was going to die. but they instead wrote a "bottle it up deep inside, for the county" bit

@June Oh damn it I've totally mentally blocked that whole subplot. Yeah. Like I said it was a while since I saw it but I really really hope they're building up to something. I can't argue with you though. I pushed away that subplot for a reason.

@hyperlinkyourheart Yup, you're right. Feels like a disconnect.

Sorry, I'd love to talk more about this show (and hear your thoughts) but I just can't remember enough to contribute anything of value.

@hyperlinkyourheart :( Can we say "progressive" propaganda instead? I'd like to think most Americans hate this kind of wokewashing also. lol

@QuLyo You can call it what you like, but how Americans feel about it doesn't really change its intent.

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