Is it ok for people without any talent to join so they can see the nice art?

People = me

@selea of course! there's not much to see there yet but hopefully it will grow in time

@hyperlinkyourheart I apologize but I'm not used to spaces yet, and when I joined the space it says they aren't any rooms. Is there something wrong on my side it are there really no rooms yet?

@daniel There's a couple of rooms, I'm not sure why they wouldn't be showing up... 🤔 Here's a link to the main room anyway, hope that works better: matrix.to/#/#pixelart:matrix.o

@hyperlinkyourheart @daniel Yeah, I have the exact same problem, so you might need to share the links to all of these rooms. It works fine in other spaces I'm in, but for some reason, this one only lets me see the room(s), that I'm already in, when I select it.

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