@hyperlinkyourheart Wooooooooowwww that looks awesome! Getting it right away

@hyperlinkyourheart Wow I downloaded it and I'm amazed. It's incredible how the simplicity of the standard lets people actually focus on making the browser good and not on making it implement all the unnecessary standards. Been previously using Amfora and I'm also of the opinion it's a really good browser.

@soaku Yeah I love it! It's so simple yet effective. I must try Amfora as well for when I'm on the command line

But it adds favicon over which creator nor reader have no controll. I chose Kristall github.com/MasterQ32/kristall which also gives you full control over colors.

@deerbard I must say I assumed when I first saw it that you could somehow choose the colours and icons, but as you say they are just randomised. I like it well enough anyway. Not being able to customise the style in detail is definitely not ideal though, it only has a small selection of preset themes. I will check out Kristall as well, thanks for the rec

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