Just wanna make art and games and write little things in Python, and not learn stupid Java like I have to for my stupid job

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I'd love to get involved in an open source project written in Python. The Python ones never seem to be things I would use myself though... Like I appreciate Funkwhale, but I have no use for it - I might use Pixelfed, but it's written in PHP

@hyperlinkyourheart Do you use Gnome stuff by any chance?
I've noticed some of their GUI programs are written in Python with GTK bindings.

@owl I do use Gnome actually! I'll check out their suite of apps and see if any might be of interest to me, thanks for the tip!

@hyperlinkyourheart Blender? A lot of it is written in Python, especially the addons.

That's an interesting thought alright. Seems like something that would be a bit beyond me, but maybe I could find ways to contribute

@hyperlinkyourheart Forgot to mention: gPodder is also written in Python. It really could use some usability TLC. (...yeah, I know, I should contribute some patches too)

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