NFT nonsense 

Got in a ridiculous argument on Reddit about the energy usage of NFTs.

Them: "what if there was an elevator going up and down perpetually even if nobody was using it, you wouldn't calculate a per-user cost for that"

Me: "Uhhh, I absolutely would"

Them: "Yeah, well, you wouldn't be *mean* about it"


NFT nonsense 

@hyperlinkyourheart Honestly, I'd ask "why the heck are you doing that??"
(I mean, paternosters went out of fashion for reasons...)

NFT nonsense 

@anke That would be my first question as well! I couldn't believe the analogy they chose was even more absurd than the reality they were arguing for. Yeah, "what if" that was happening? You'd suggest maybe doing elevators a better way, right??

Elevator anecdote re: NFT nonsense My workplace literally installed special elevators and programming to maximize the elevator energy efficiency so this argument is... really weird.

Elevator anecdote re: NFT nonsense 

@skysailor @anke Truly bizarre. Like they would not even question why an elevator was working that way.

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