I think I am going to abandon my attempt to fake 3D lights in 2D. Maybe something like this looks good enough? Or maybe I will just stick to doing lights and shadows in the art. Definitely want to make some gameplay and design progress for and not just this sort of nonsense

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@hyperlinkyourheart I had to re-read to find out what's "wrong" with the scene. Looks totally right to me. This is a very good balance.

@hyperlinkyourheart Looks good to me! Maybe try a gradient on the roguevision to get a softer look, if that's what you want?

I kind of like the hard edges actually! One of the things I was trying to achieve was a cel-shaded look, which this is not, exactly, but kind of approximates?

@hyperlinkyourheart ah, very cool! I think you definitely pull off that cel-shadey look, and I’m excited to see where you go with it

@hyperlinkyourheart Oooooh, I would absolutely love to see your code on this though! <3

There's not much to it, it is mostly just Godot's built in 2D lighting, but I can share a sample project if you like. Have to split it off from some other unrelated experiments first though

@hyperlinkyourheart Oh! Okay, there's clearly more I yet need to learn about Godot's inbuilt features :'D I'll have to look into it in more detail later, I wouldn't wanna bother you with extra work if it's not already somewhere

@elfi I don't have it anywhere handy right now, but it's no bother at all to put something together. I'll let you know

@hyperlinkyourheart If you do end up putting something together, I'd love to see too! No pressure though, I've got enough to keep me busy for the foreseeable future.

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