Found a nice single piece of wood for my desk today, so I don't have to try and glue a bunch of boards together! There was a bit of extra length that I'm going to use to make a unit for my TV


After pricing the rest of the wood I revised my design to use pieces with a smaller cross-section in a few places, and bring the cost down a bit, but it is still looking like ~120 buckaroo bonzais just for the wood. Quite a lot considering I could probably get a second-hand desk or table for like 20 or 30.

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But of course, those wouldn't meet my exact specifications and I wouldn't learn anything in buying them 🤷‍♂️

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Preach! I bought a motorized standing desk frame and wanted a SOLID desk top made from real wood.

I ended up buying a rather large butcher block counter top and attached that to my desk frame. It's huge and I ❤️ it.

@Clifford Looks fantastic! Nearly done with mine, just got to sand and stain the desktop and put it on the base

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