Experimenting with music synthesis on Linux. Seems to be about as complicated as I remember from last time I tried...

@hyperlinkyourheart I wouldn't bother these days. Chances are something you have installed has a hard dependency on PulseAudio and making music with that in the way is a direct path to suicidal ideation.

@rook Sounds like the same kind of problem I remember from years back 😂 😭

@hyperlinkyourheart I'm using hardware now. No better single device for banging out tunes than the OP-1, imo.

Looks like fun but probably more advanced than I want to get right now. I just need to create some simple loops for games. I've used Bosca Ceoil up to now but I'm starting to find it limiting

@hyperlinkyourheart it does have everything plus the kitchen sink, but "advanced" is probably not the best description since it's designed to be discoverable and easy. If you can borrow/rent one I'd recommend trying it.

otoh they are a bit pricey to buy and that can be hard to justify.

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