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I have another mastodon profile! If you're interested in cooperatives, non-hierarchical organisational structures, alternatives to capitalism, or anything like that, follow me over on

I probably won't post there as much as here, I'm not exactly a wordsmith.

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If you don't want to miss anything from me due to ye cursed algorithms, consider subscribing to my mailing list

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Hello all, I am an and artist mostly, but I also do some traditional and other types of digital art.

I'm particularly interested in genres, and themes around AI, identity, selfhood, authority, the illusions of consumerism, religion and capitalism, and workers rights and democracy.

But mostly I ignore all that and just do whatever tells me :P

Here some pictures of my "NOIR" series. Made June 2019

βœ–οΈ "Die Bibelvertreterin"
βœ–οΈ "Self-Portrait"
βœ–οΈ "Chat Noir"
βœ–οΈ "Eva"

Streaming some for a few hours - working on a dog and a girl. Here's the current state of it, so a ways to go yet

Been putting what I hope are the finishing touches on the post-jam release of my last entry, People Poker. I got a bit distracted there for a while, but I'm hoping to have it out by the end of the week!

A natural swimming pool complete with its own little ecosystem and array of wildlife. Last night we watched swifts swooping down and picking off insects from the surface. Had a lovely swim among the frogs, tadpoles, water boatmen and dragonflies.

Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."

My urge to run away and live in the woods is pretty strong right now.

first they came for the nazis, and i said "thanks for getting rid of the nazis"

"Orange Crush" is now available for printing, and there's 20% off any product any design for the rest of the day with the code "SUMMER" (may vary by region)

Looks like a second peertube account of mine has disappeared, so I don't think there will be a peertube version of my latest video.

My original account ( was actually not intentionally removed as it turned out, there was just some problem that deleted all my data

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