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Finished muh entry! Hopefully I didn't break anything last minute...

It's basically a very casual adventure game about old tech and societal collapse after some sort of nuclear event. Check it out:

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I have another mastodon profile! If you're interested in cooperatives, non-hierarchical organisational structures, alternatives to capitalism, or anything like that, follow me over on

I probably won't post there as much as here, I'm not exactly a wordsmith.

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If you don't want to miss anything from me due to ye cursed algorithms, consider subscribing to my mailing list

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Hello all, I am an and artist mostly, but I also do some traditional and other types of digital art.

I'm particularly interested in genres, and themes around AI, identity, selfhood, authority, the illusions of consumerism, religion and capitalism, and workers rights and democracy.

But mostly I ignore all that and just do whatever tells me :P

I think I might work on a new art portfolio site today. Y'know, instead of working on any of my many in-progress projects.

I just renamed the Hg projects and recreated them as git ones. No biggie. I am gone from bitbucket otherwise though.

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It seems bitbucket did not delete all Hg repos on the 1st as threatened.

I only had a couple left there belonging to a particular client, and I would leave them there as git repos, but, bafflingly, they haven't even provided any way to switch the version control system of a project so that that I can push my locally converted repos

Thank you Mastodon for not butchering this animation like Twitter did

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Was weirdly craving cigarettes last night. I was just drinking at home but I really wanted to be in a smokey pub

The second idea i had for "Celestial" last week. I hadn't intended to animate it, but I couldn't help myself after finishing the static version.

The second idea i had for "Celestial" last week. I hadn't intended to animate it, but I couldn't help myself after finishing the static version.

okay i just want to point out that bundle is 1500 games now

that was not a typo

you better be paying more than $5 for this

Automation progressively transfers income from labour to technologists to capitalists. Absent a shared wealth approach — say, national capital allotment — you'll have to pursue ever more tortured, and toxic, definitions of property, enclosures, and ham-fisted and draconian exclusionary regimes.

If your creatives and labourers are assured sufficient consistent income, IP becomes a ... patently ... irrellevant burdenous obstruction. Which it is.

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