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Finished muh entry! Hopefully I didn't break anything last minute...

It's basically a very casual adventure game about old tech and societal collapse after some sort of nuclear event. Check it out:

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I have another mastodon profile! If you're interested in cooperatives, non-hierarchical organisational structures, alternatives to capitalism, or anything like that, follow me over on

I probably won't post there as much as here, I'm not exactly a wordsmith.

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If you don't want to miss anything from me due to ye cursed algorithms, consider subscribing to my mailing list

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Hello all, I am an and artist mostly, but I also do some traditional and other types of digital art.

I'm particularly interested in genres, and themes around AI, identity, selfhood, authority, the illusions of consumerism, religion and capitalism, and workers rights and democracy.

But mostly I ignore all that and just do whatever tells me :P

I finished my desk! It was a lot of work but it was worth it because it's real pretty.

I wired my house with ethernet and now I'm getting full use of my broadband!

under communism there is only one planet and we all have to share it

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I hope this post isn't too much of a mess. The show really annoyed me for a lot of reasons I didn't even get into

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What precipitated all these "gender reveal party" jokes? Was there some incident?

Amazon Flex is a "gig economy" delivery system that maintains the pretence that drivers are independent contractors, even as their motions are scripted to a fine degree by an app whose control over them exceeds that of any boss in history.

As with all gig economy work, the "independent contractor" wheeze is just a ruse to shift the risks and costs of being an employer onto the workforce, without any of the independence that real freelancers enjoy.


But of course, those wouldn't meet my exact specifications and I wouldn't learn anything in buying them 🤷‍♂️

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After pricing the rest of the wood I revised my design to use pieces with a smaller cross-section in a few places, and bring the cost down a bit, but it is still looking like ~120 buckaroo bonzais just for the wood. Quite a lot considering I could probably get a second-hand desk or table for like 20 or 30.

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Found a nice single piece of wood for my desk today, so I don't have to try and glue a bunch of boards together! There was a bit of extra length that I'm going to use to make a unit for my TV

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