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I've done a "Beginner's Guide to Nextcloud", which goes through the basics of what @nextcloud is and how to make your own:

It's written from the perspective of a non-technical person who just wants to make their own services and doesn't want to use command lines or FTP.

Feel free to share with anyone curious about Nextcloud, and feedback is always welcome of course!

#NextCloud #GrowYourOwn #SelfHosting #ManagedHosting

@DarinWilson hey :) meant to ask if your print arrived and whether it came out well?
(really hope it did!!!)

experimenting with dark / neon contrasts to express a poisonous mood.

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screenshot to compare:
left: the image uploaded here
right: the image on my site's gallery

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yikes.... looking at it myself seems like an almost desaturated version....

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another dark abstract, testing how colour and brightness change on upload. This one seems to lose much of its vibrance... hmmm....

if you have a minute to spare, I would love to know how this compares to the same image on my website: — it's under 'aqua nostra', No _04

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"When you take a step back and look at the playing field of an algorithm-controlled society and how it influences people, the view is absurd. It’s not inclusive, it’s not equitable and it’s not in any way attentive to human wellbeing." - @axbom

further experiments with previous pencil sketch of the branch
, combining the 2 views witnin a ingle image - wonder which one is more effective...

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