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long post about the system I use for the CW line 

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Hi friends! I’ve joined this instance bc the one I was on unfortunately shut down. D: My name is Nate, I’m 26, & I live in so-called Melbourne, “Australia”.

I have a Diploma in Visual Art. I’m currently doing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in both History & Writing, so I can (hopefully) be an art history lecturer in the future.

I also have an online only graphic novel called What Colour is Blue?, which I started developing it in 2007, but only started drawing in 2016.

There’s someone who likes to sit on the roof opposite my partner’s apartment & read. I think it’s a bit odd, but v cool.

I was looking through my portable hard-drive, & found this sketch of my OC Sascha I did back in February. I used @MyPaint mainly to test out the Huion tablet my parents gifted me for Christmas, but also bc Krita is too powerful for my craptop to handle.

Coloured 2 sketches for a 3-colour challenge on TikTok. :^]

The 1st is Zach, aka the protagonist in What Colour Is Blue?, my e-graphic novel. He’s also a demiguy like me, but unlike me, he can grow a full beard.

The 2nd is his dad, Lukas, aka the grumpy bastard who helped me discover that I am, in fact, some kind of trans, & not just a failure.

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Also I apologise for the briefness of the image description, but I’m currently feeling a bit sick...

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I took this photo in the car park of my partner’s place while they threw out some recycling. I want to draw it for perspective practice, but I thought some of you might want to as well. :^]

I love Moovit the app bc it tells my disabled brain when gtfo of public transport. But it sometimes glitches out & tells me to go to the very end of my bus line? And that’s a LONG journey...

One thing I love about Mastodon is that no-one talks to the hell-site instances here, & they’re in fact discouraged from even existing.

I can be myself & have no-one yell @ me. It’s great!!

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I’m gonna draw so much today bc I have no classes until next week! :^]

I love that all these peeps are saying, “Show me yr OCs!!” Meanwhile, I lost count @ 15 in 2010. :^]

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In case anyone's been curious about me w uni, I'm tempted to drop out after the clusterfuck that was today. Having submitted something that wasn't quite up to my standard, however, the temptation is severe... I'm gonna sleep on it, tho. :^]

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