I'm been for a while here but I just realized I haven't introduce myself yet, so... Here we go with my ✨

I'm a nb artist who designs book covers and makes comics. For that, I mainly use 2D digital techniques but also 3D sometimes. Besides, I'm working in a fantasy setting for DnD5e () and writing my first novel in my free time. I'm super queer and so my stories are too 🌈

You can enjoy most of my work for free, but any support is appreciated!πŸ’›


Btw, when I say I'm super queer I mean I'm not only NB but also openly ace, bi and polyamorous 🌈✨ Maybe for that reason I felt weird, like an alien, most of my life and I eventually developed the (inside) joke that I'm a bunny who came from the Moon... so don't worry if I say something odd. I'm actually from Spain.

I also enjoy videogames, TV shows and films, so I'm probably going to talk about that here too πŸ€“

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