an impromptu collab of sorts after Endivinity over on Twitter dropped a wonderful sketch recently and I couldn't help myself but flesh it out.

time to get spooky

another revisit of a piece from last year


an Aurum piece I finished recently, more than a bit inspired from this:

please refrain from horny comments, I somehow didn't foresee that when posting this on Twitter.

[ nudity, body horror ]

A cathartic piece for kdurmeter over on Twitter that I'm honored she trusted me with.

[ artistic nudity ]

Did a second pass on this piece from last year because never enough anubork. I'm much happier with it this time around.

[ nudity, mild body horror ]

just some Hati butt. I've been wanting to rework their markings.


I'm probably going to revisit this one as the idea has been bouncing around my skull for a while.

[artistic nudity]

[ nudity ] A bit of giftart for DogBlud over on twitter of her werewolf character, Sandra.

I forgot about this place for a bit, art dumps incoming.

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