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Hi I'm Mars, he/they, 18, and I just migrated to I'm a student from California who enjoys video games, TTRPGs, and is currently starting a garden. Nice to meet everyone :))

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Racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, antisemitism, ableism, islamophobia etc. is not welcome here.

BLM, reproductive rights for all, trans rights are human rights. Nazis and fascists go to hell.

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For people looking at my account and new followers 

I will be posting about my thoughts and life but probably in a shitposty kind of way, I try to not be an asshole when I shitpost but if I cross a line please let me know.

Also I will most likely be posting about League of Legends and TTRPGs (right now it might be Vampire: the Requiem because I'm looking to GM a game).

i have another pair that i used for sleeping that ive been using now

what a journey

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queens death, other social media 

im forever grateful that i hardly use social media, especially twitter, tiktok and instagram. i think i would combust if i knew what people were talking about regarding the queen's death. the only things i know is that shes dead as hell and people are making memes about it which i can get behind

ttrpg posting, light blood in reaction image 

im looking for some new ttrpg discord servers and during my search the only thing im feeling is "please there are other ttrpgs other than dnd 5e please branch out i cant stay in this hell forever"

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Saturday's progress
- Adjusted all the shapes like the arms and leg protectors according to the concept
- Worked a little bit more on the clothing and hands
- Adjusted the hair on the back

To do:
- Fix the legs
- Check out the character on marmoset to see if there are any other big adjustments needed
- Clean up and start detailing

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cw bug (drawn butterfly) 

omg ive started drawing again so now i have a reason to be on this instance lol

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So today's doodling in the comic shop... Thumbnail through to Traditional pencils at A2(ish) to Digital Inks on iPad...

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but what if that was just a complicated heist to steal my earbuds???

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so today i came out with different earbuds than what i came with.

also im using them as im writing this and the audio quality is much lower, but c'est la vie. I guess Tori Amos will sound a little fuzzy

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When I was walking to my next class someone walked past me and got caught on my earbuds, wrenching them out of my ears. I said something about it but they didn't hear me and kept going, continuing to pull on my earbuds. It was too crowded and I didn't want to stop and hold everyone up, so I said just unplugged them and they were carried away. When I talked about it to my friend during break he told me he had some unused earbuds in his backpack and he gave them to me

i just had some sleepy time tea with melatonin drops this better knock me OUT

ive started to realize that to my core, i like it when things are hard, complicated, and difficult - which directly clashes with my lack of energy for most things :))

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In my summer hibernation I guess. Found some time for these two dorks, though.

Content warning: blood.

im literally evil and i have dark plans brewing in my brain

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Found these early character design explorations while cleaning up my disk. It'd be a shame to let them forever languish in a backup!

The bottom row is an attempt to figure how far I can get in 15 min tops portraits.

okay im listening to rosalia now, after hearing a few songs i think its finally time i go insane (positive) (maybe) (youll see)

the nonbinary urge to put your water bottle on your head

me watching rosalia memes poking fun at her music on youtube: haha so funny

my brain after bizcohito gets stuck in my head: Ta-ra-rá, ta-ra-rá, ta-tá
Ta-ra-ra-ta-tá-ra (me lo quito)
Ta-ra-rá, ta-ra-rá, ta-tá
Ta-ra-ra-ta-ta-tá-ra (que me manden me lo quito)

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from an inktober from a few years back, with a cheeky portrait of the author as ... Just watched the series and really enjoyed it.

unrelated lol 

hold the girl by rina sawayama is very good, i guess its related a little beacuse rina is gay music

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