In the last few months I started working intermittently on a small project, a very basic pirate-like story, nothing too interesting, but it's a good exercise. It's not much, I don't particularly like the outcome (the coloring is all wrong), but it's the first time I get as far as 4 pages with a comic without despising it or getting bored. I will take a short break from it now, let's see how it goes and if I feel like making something more out of it later. ☠️

I saw this image online (I can't find the source though...) and I was taken by its powerful poetry. I thus decided to try my best and render it somehow. Not quite there but ok... Sorry for the bad quality, but my phone is a bit meh...🐵

Guess who's gonna be the protagonist of a short comic that I will probably never even start... 🦎

everybody else getting through the day, vs me:

I'm away from home for work and I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I could show you a few doodles I made lately...

I often forget why I decided to start learning to draw in the first place. As time passes I move away from the path of my original inspiration. I feel frustrated, useless and sad.
And then sometimes it hits me again. It fills me with determination, as if it were the first time.
I know why I do it. I do it to celebrate the best of humanity.

So here is Philadelphia's Vent Man.

I'm back at my parents' place for the winter break and I didn't bring the watercolours with me. I took the chance to exercise a bit with pastels instead. So here is a native girl!

I was doodling some from (my very poor) memory, and the main thing I remembered about Charmanders is that their foreheads were weirdly vertical and Simpsons-esque.

I'm so sorry.

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