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Hey fediverse, i wanted to properly introduce myself.
I'm holloway, at day i'm a web dev, but in my free time i enjoy doing art, take photos every now and then and love to play music on my drums. I'm not very vocal, but i really enjoyed my time on here so far looking at other creations.
Here are some of my older artworks.

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These are my two attempts on I didn't stop the time again, was probably a again, I have to stop it next time. I like the color picking practice that comes along with it, and I'm fine with the loose drawing strokes I did

entry .04 [continued]

I decided to walk around the plane to not disturb them with my presence and got back to my ship as quick as possible, since the supplies to keep me hydrated and stuffed in my suit are getting very low. Back in my ship I realized how tired I am and took a really long and needed sleep before taking off to space again to find my next adventure.

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entry .04

. Due to my detour I took a different route back to my ship, and after another days walk I came across a plane with a lot of grass and little flying creatures. They were split in groups doing perfectly aligned patterns. I sadly have no idea what that means, is it a way to search for mates, or even a cultural dance?

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entry .03 [continued]

When I finally could make out the source of the light the plant producing it nearly devoured me. Turns out it's a carnivorous plant, luring moving meat with their big light on their top floating in the water. I never fled water that fast, my suit had a hard time to compensate the pressure change that I won't get unconscious.

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entry .03

. On the way back to my ship I made a little detour and found a big water source which was very deep according to my radar measurement. Even when I was still above the water, a faint glowing in the water caught my attention and I began my descend into the deep and dark water. You could barely see your own hand in front, so the only way telling me I was going down was the strange light, which was slightly getting brighter, and my depth finder on my suit.

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entry .02 [continued]

A quick measurment told me they are up to 100 meters. The recurring thin and tall flora might be due to the low gravity on this planet. When I looked up it seemed like the tree tops move up and down. I can't tell if I'm watching an optical illusion or not. It's hard to imagine trees can expand and contract.

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entry .02

. Because I don't have enough fuel to fly around the planet I decided to walk and use my jetpack on my suit to get a broader view of the planet. After a tedious two days walk from the vulcano I entered a big forest. Like the plants at the bottom of the vulcano, these trees were very thin, compared to it's size.

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entry .01 [continued]

Out of that cloud sprouted thin, but extremely tall stalks with only one flower at the top of it. The cloud at the bottom seems to be a mixture of water and pollen. I can only guess, that maybe this foggy cloud needs wind to get carried away, as right now the air standing still completely.

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planet .RLA-5341-J

entry .01

. After approaching the planet I could immediately make out the big volcano and knew where to go first. As I landed my spaceship I saw a soft green cloud at the bottom of the mountain right above the ground. The vulcano doesn't seem to be active at the moment, my bio reader showed that the soil had hundreds of years already to develop a rich combination of nutrients.

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I did my first playthrough with the game , this is my visit to the planet RLA-5341-J. The entries will be in the thread.

I just watched the Turning Red for the first time, what a great story! And of course it made me so emotional 😭 11/5 would watch again. Now I have the 4-Town song stuck in my head 😄

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I guess it’s time that I outed myself as the weeb I am... 🦋⭐️🌈

Well, that was something. I didn't stop the time, but i guess it took me around 5 minutes each. It showed me i am very slow with color picking and colors in general. (which i definitely avoid if i can 😅) I also struggled with shapes, which explains the panicky plants in both pictures 😆 Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

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