There was one moment where I had 100 health left and burning damage of 120 pts per turn.

I managed to just cure it with my last interventive, then popped every possible minor healing item I had

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Went exploring in Dragon's Dogma and accidentally wandered into the final boss about 20 levels too soon

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@hiscursedness Gonna get purchased by 13 year olds who will be confused that none of the characters can be vented out an airlock when considered "sus".

What The Golf should make a narrative sequel called The Golf Among Us

So many of the features feel more critical than the stuff they add to mainline windows.

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I can't imagine using windows without installing the power toys tbh

Got some good old 4th edition D&D tonight. I'm gonna ride a sword

Wild that there appears to be zero functionality for downloading or exporting YouTube Clips

Then, time permitting, I'll be on Resulka's channel for the Grandma Hole.

Playing The Quarry I think, which is a big hole tbf

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Off out for a meal tonight with a friend I've not seen in at least a month, looking forward to it :)

Renaming the cloud to Coin Operated Servers.

Theoretically this is possible, but the blades games are so infrequent it's probably not worth looking into right now.

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The only thing that changes is the title so there *might* be a way to cut the vid and stitch it so I only ever have to re-render the part where the title's on screen.

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Rendering the blades in the dark intro *ahead of time* this time, so I'm not caught out by its 3 hour render time again

although bawbags and radge basturts are close second and third.

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The greatest thing Scotland has ever contributed is calling people weapons

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