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european citizens' initiative for universal basic income, :boost_ok: 

for anyone that hasn't seen this:
there's an ECI for establishing universal basic income throughout the EU
if you're eligible to sign it (are an EU citizen) i urge you to do so

To market my website I tried to create a Facebook page. It got instantly blocked due to my domain name being abused in the past (lol?)

Then I went to Instagram, but they blocked my account before I could finish the registration. I had to send them proof of ownership of my company to prove I own it. I did that.

Now I got an email where they ask me to send a picture of my face, where I hold a paper with a hand-written code on it.

Big NOPE. Why do they need to see my face? Don't use

"Kraftig utökning av FRA-lagen

Regeringen föreslår att utländsk säkerhetstjänst ska få direktåtkomst till personuppgifter som Försvarsmakten och Försvarets radioanstalt (FRA) hanterar.

Samtidigt ska FRA få signalspana även om det inte rör Sverige eller svenska intressen.

När den kontroversiella FRA-lagen antogs 2009 sades det uttryckligen att det inte skulle få ske."

Strax efter att Europadomstolen fann brister i FRA-lagen. Det går bra nu

”Rådjuret och fjärilen”

The encounter between a roe deer and a butterfly.

I had so much trouble with the colours, but after a five days of practice and some tutorials I ended up with this. I think I re-drew the entire piece two or three times until I finally settled with this version, which took way too many hours. Kinda pleased though 🙂

Alternative version, full res and progress pics:

Det moderna skogsbruket

"Clear cut forest"
The modern forestry

A speedpaint of sorts.

Drawing progress, prints and full res:

Your local law enforcement got an upgrade.

I wanted to draw a deer with a nice suit. It turned weird really quick.

I think I'm a few years late to the party, but I made a meme


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