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I was trying to work on my comics so only thing I have in a week is another small cat. I did timelapse video though if you are into that kind of thing.

I wrote a short bash script for listing the number of registered and active users on a homeserver.

Maybe I should get a git account

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Ok wow

Don't try to use the Scandia 2000 paper as a fine art or photo paper. It does not work..

There are small "grains" everywhere and the colour is just bad.

The top paper is the Scandia 2000 White paper, and the bottom one is a Hahnemühle fine art paper. It's almost like you don't see the difference, right? ;D

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@thorn Someone recently posted it this way: "if your product helps people, it is your moral duty to promote it".

Currently many people are unaware of open alternatives, and collectively we all have a lot of work to do improving that. Times like this are perfect to educate them, when they might wonder how else they can communicate during this outage.

When you're up against tech giants, just building good software is not enough unfortunately - with money and marketing they will win by default.

Do you like horses and use ?

I found no public horse related rooms on Matrix so I created Come join if you want! :)

”Rådjuret och fjärilen”

The encounter between a roe deer and a butterfly.

I had so much trouble with the colours, but after a five days of practice and some tutorials I ended up with this. I think I re-drew the entire piece two or three times until I finally settled with this version, which took way too many hours. Kinda pleased though 🙂

Alternative version, full res and progress pics:

Det moderna skogsbruket

"Clear cut forest"
The modern forestry

A speedpaint of sorts.

Drawing progress, prints and full res:

Your local law enforcement got an upgrade.

I wanted to draw a deer with a nice suit. It turned weird really quick.

I think I'm a few years late to the party, but I made a meme


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