Gift doodle for FlyComet on Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram

Commission for @Duck_N_Pluck

I’d like to also highly recommend you check out Duck’s webcomic, “Endless Summer Syndrome”.

I have a week to complete my freelance animation thing. It's kinda important that I do. Shouldn't be an issue. I'm quite excited! Can't wait to show you want I'm doing!

A summer time doodle featuring Trips and Butterpop! Based on an old gift from my friend, Sqribblings/Sylvia.

I think that's all the art I will share for tonight. Anyways, hopefully my invite link will bring in more folks! Bye!

A birthday gift sketch for @atrox
Featuring Gheena the Bearcat making a cake and Sarah keeps popping out at just the wrong time. One of my personal favs that I really should finish or recreate.

Some Pan-Pizza fanart. For context, Pan sounds an awful lot like a Swan honking when he disapproves of something.

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Hello Mastodon! I'm Espresso, and I'm an illustration hobbyist these days. I mostly draw anthros, but my background is in design.

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