Here's an older character of mine I haven't drawn in forever. This is Double the Jump! She's a frog, she's a bunny! Both known for their big UPS.

Some buds gave me draw prompts on my livestream that I had tonight.

Vinny from Vinesauce asked us artists who were watching the Wind Waker Randomizer section the other night to draw some Tingle; specifically with jelly knees because one would have them after wearing the Iron Boots.

I barely had like 2.5 hours to make this and I BARELY made it on time so it could appear on the art section that night.

Vinny from Vinesauce was playing some homebrew GBA on stream and Coin Adventure was surely something...bootleg ass Sonic thing and every enemy screaming the famous annoyed grunt Homer sound. I present to you, Homer the Bootleg.

Some birthday gift art for my friend, @potato_power42 and drew his character, Arial!

Fun fact: the cakes in the background are a bit of a joke on how many birthdays there are this month, too many birthdays. So many cakes.

On the first Wind Waker Randomizer/Ghosts & Goblins Resurrection livestream; when it ended, I had felt like drawing some fanart for the first time. Chat somehow survived past post stream and we were talking for hours. I had mentioned to chat that I felt like sharing some art but I hadn't made anything before. Chat was very supportive and told me to go for it. So, here's the Vinny heads I made. I didn't post these to the Booru yet but I will tonight.

Birthday gift for @PyannyYan ( )

Sorry it's technically late but here you go! Have a Pyan.

"When you collect yet another rupee reward when your wallet has been full for hours in your randomized Wind Waker run. You start kinda wishing for that Master Sword."

Been watching a lot of Vinesauce lately lol. Drew this during a livestream of his Wind Waker Randomizer series so this was sort of rushed. About four hours of work? Vinny and Chat seemed to like it a fair bit so that was kinda cool.

I took the time to make my latest Kapster drawing into a purchasable item on my Redbubble! I get 25% from each sale of any product it comes in.

This image can't be reposted/altered under any reason (unless otherwise stated). Commissions are open if you're interested.

You can also support me by sharing my art or by donating to:

Well, I finally finished this drawing of my computer malware oc, kapster_v3

I think I had this hanging around since 2019?

Anyways, enjoy.

Parappa for the next big update cameo guest character. But seriously, this started out as just a cute idea to style match Parappa to FnF. I started liking it so I finished it.

Kid Cosmic is a kickass show; you should catch on Netflix if you can!

I played the game ages ago but I never got around to making fan art until now. Thank you for the amazing game experience, @nightmargin

Sequel Commission for Mixmastersparky on Twitter

It is now morning time; Everly nuzzles Dorian, whom has fallen asleep working at his desk.

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