Hello Monday!

Day 1a - / - quick captures/studies. Mostly done in bars/pubs at music nights/afternoons. events are great challenge, as the subjects are often moving, they swap out regularly, so there's variety, plus great music. :)
1 - Fiddle player at rest, The Tiger pub, Beverley.
2 - The set up, open mic night, Ye Olde Black Boy, High Street, Hull.
3 - Open Mic afternoon, I think at Jaz Bar, Hull.
4 - The Cajon player, waiting, Tuesday at the Tap.

Day 1b - / - multiple figures per page.
1 - Folk Musicians at The Tiger, in Beverley.
2 - Menil Montant Swing/Jazz musicians at Cafe Populart in Madrid.
3 - DJ and Ambient Digital/Drone set at Humber Street Sesh, Hull.
4 - at The Jaz Bar, Hull.

Day 2 - themed & .
Sketches for a series of print tests of Jazz and Blues musicians, these were just thrown down in my sketchbook in pencil, trying to capture gesture and movement without references*
Barring that , I'm pretty sure I used at least one photo ref for that as I don't think I could draw one from memory... Laughs.


Day 3 - Related -
I wanted to turn some of my into potential print ideas, so faffed about with a little colour on some of the .
I added the speech balloons, as an almost stubborn nod to , and on the prints I made used rubber stamps I'd had made up, to add a red motif, or in some a pencil doodle.
This whole idea is still a work in progress... I might try screen prints of some of them next.

Day 4 - related - Basically I'm always dropping lutes into stuff, lutes, citerns, ouds, saz, mando's.
1 - right there, in front of the goblin dungeoneers, I reckon it talks or can put creatures to sleep.
2 - on the extreme left, love the pick left in the strings, that's probably a shaved down dragon scale pick, right?
3 - owl's banjolin, there's a really annoying tangent with the mast that makes it look like a saz, how did ai not see that earlier?
4 - top right, more Bard-timber.

Day 5 of based stuff.
Back to I guess...
Meet Dagu Thunderhand Noaiditrumma, the drum Bard. He carries two huge kettle like with symbol covered skins/drumheads on them. He uses the bone fork shaped drum sticks (reworked ) as weapons when he needs to. He has two Red Pandas (this image is a crop of the full image)...
I like his weasel. Who wouldn't?

Day 6 - Related / .
"Galar the Dwarven Bard", yet another , a bit shorter than the last one, part of a personal ttrpg project I'm working on. I'll post more about that further down the line.

@hesir I really love your style! These are beautiful!

@jdb Thank you, very much appreciated, cheers :)

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