"I think he said we own THAT one!"

More work towards ongoing projects. Here a group of seem to to have been gifted the documents that prove the own a , only they might have got a little more than they bargained for.

I don't paint enough flying ships...

(This is the image in my intro toot, & so was a chance to address the lack of alt text for that image too.)

@hesir These are so cool. I must admit, I bought all the Spelljammer stuff I could get my hands on when it came out but couldn't find anyone who wanted to play it. I really want to do a Spalljammer campaign when it comes out for 5e.

@DarkSheepArts Thanks, very much appreciated... I was pretty late to the D&D/TtRPG hobby, but have always drawn fantasy art. Nowadays it seems both my work & social life revolves around it, laughs. I picked up Spelljammer supplements as soon as I discovered it, I love it as an idea... I'm building possibilities and hints into my current campaign at the moment :) I'm also interested to see what they do with it with the new 5e reimagining.

@hesir my eye was immediately drawn to all the hands that are shaped the same. I would imagine the halfling pointing, the orc threatening with a downfacing-palm grab hand, just to break up the gestures a little.

This is amazing work. I love the tones and colors, the way it washes from ruddy to sallow left to right. The scale of things. The shininess of the elf's armor. The kind of skill I only dream of. <3

@nikomaruhito Thanks, hands are something I should probably pay more attention to, I tend to do a lot of "religious statue" gestures, laughs. I got a new camera at Xmas, so have no excuse not to get much better reference these days, even if it's my own hands.

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the flying ship reminds me of Earthdawn, which I used to play in high school and has recently had a crowd funded 4th edition. It also features half-orcs.

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