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Hi, I'm Gareth, I'm here to find other creatives in comics and TtRPG. I draw , , , , & other things in that general ball park - you check out more of my , & at

"The Patron" or "May I introduce..." & , -
I love drawing , particularly ones from , & perhaps toying with expectations as to how they might appear. I wanted to give the feel of a learned, almost emperor figure, that the viewer has been taken through to meet in some sort of formal audience, perhaps led there by the attendant in order to ask a question.

"Mercury Magnet" - this was an idea for a type for a idea (still in the works). The whole thing is to have a slightly different vibe to my usual stuff. More Dickensian Gothic.
Ink on paper, coloured in Procreate.

As an alternative to starting with pencil or pen & ink I sometimes start straight in with paint, looking for happy accidents in form to pull out by refining definition or adding recognisable detail, creating sketchy . Some of these make it to fully realised images, some don't. I occasionally begin in ludicrous hues as I'm not confident with colour, & so it pushes me to be more experimental, even if I do tone it down a little by the end.

More & pseudo- -ery, & ...
I'll throw some colour into the mix again after today.. to be fair I should probably get around to working some of these up. Even if only into something more greyscale but painterly.

In other news, festival have published their exhibitor list for their festival later in the year.
You can find me and the link to my comics blog under if you are in the UK and into comics, it's a brilliant event, if your already going, see you there :)

001 - Okay, some old noodling today... & ... mostly -esque or .
I pulled all these together & more into a self-published sketchbook called a while ago (still not figured out how to get an online store together however).
I've a few of these so that might be the next couple of days posts sorted too...

If you have any questions about any of the art, just ask :)

One half of the very name of that game I love, laughs... - Those Typhonic beasts at the heart of ( )
Oh, and here's a video of those last few too, using and random scribbles to kick-start the designs. A method I use a lot for , so that even I'm surprised by the outcome...

it is then... The others will just have be posted later ;)

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Not sure what to drop on here today...

I've got:

A look at just a single /critter today, one I called a Cironuppe (si-ron-oo-pay), Scowl Bear or Spinemarten, a large porcupine/bear-like creature that can (unlike an actual porcupine) fire its spines at creatures it sees as a threat.
Designed for low to medium level exploration in the wilderness they would defend their territory, water source, nest or possibly follow a trapper's waggon (& their cubs) that the PCs might discover abandoned.

Okay... So moving away from hard surfaces today, how about some - here are some curious fur & feather clad critters that I'll be throwing at my players (not all for combat, obvs) in my homebrew games. The Bardic Theda, The Matanuda, a Werewandle, and a Snow Dragopard.

Something a little different today...
This is a , typical scale (i.e.1" = 5') I'm working on. In downtime between actual work, I thought it might be fun to build some " " for some ship-to-ship combat I was planning to run. In the end I've not had time to complete them (but still hope to), but I did use the skiff/elven as a plot device in my "Cold Comfort" game last year, even if they only saw an image of it.

"I think he said we own THAT one!"

More work towards ongoing projects. Here a group of seem to to have been gifted the documents that prove the own a , only they might have got a little more than they bargained for.

I don't paint enough flying ships...

(This is the image in my intro toot, & so was a chance to address the lack of alt text for that image too.)

"The Bridge to Jhator" - The cover image to my intro adventure that I ran for my players last year... Set high in snow covered mountains, in a settlement at the feet of an ancient temple, all thought long abandoned.
The adventure which wound up after around 13 sessions was called "Cold Comfort".

A stab at , in his “fair” form. I took “fair“ to mean “easy on the eye” rather than blonde, & also 's early / version, who wore a collar of gold that allowed him to control others (an early version of the ring?) & though I thought about a collar here like Klimt”s jewelled collar (in his Adele Bloch-Bauer portrait & Judith with the head of Holofernes) I eventually opted for this more “Egyptian” bib look.

"Let's just try one last door..."

I always think of this image as the twin sibling of the "The Wyrd Deck..." art I posted previously. They share a similar palette, but mostly I think it's because it feels like the two lead characters feel like they know each other, or are related somehow.

for a pseudo-medieval ( style) wagon train, inc' a specialised “grand” private chambers wagon, a mobile strong-room &/or guard wagon, a mobile “court” or audience chamber, & a multi-purpose .

Some of these designs incorporate a set of tri-form wheels/axles, for movement over rough terrain, with a series of “chucks/chocks” that can be added to create a regular wheel.

fly through -

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