@dualhammers I also have a couple short clips I popped on Instagram a few months ago, if you're interested: instagram.com/helveticablanc_/

@dualhammers Funny you mention that! One of my goals for the next month or two is to start regularly making short clips of process for social media, and longer ones for Patreon!

Everything is connected. This simple truth is the foundation from which we work.

Connection (Study 20210129)

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Now THERE'S something you never have to think about outside of the Fediverse. 😂

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Now I just have to settle on an instance. This one has been pretty good so far, but I always wonder if there's one that fits me better!

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Having a presence both here and on Twitter is so wild because of moments like these. Twitter is like being in a stadium full of folks going feral, and the Fediverse I follow is like visiting someone's quiet little workshop in the woods.

I love both experiences, and I'm glad I'm finally finding my niche here.

@neauoire Oh God, I'm on my third now. I didn't even "move" accounts. I just nuked them and started a new one like a year later. 😅

@neauoire I know I did ages ago! I'm only finally starting to feel at home on the fedi!

@margaret Welcome to the Fediverse! I've enjoyed your work for a while over on Twitter, and I'm glad you made the jump!

There is something comforting about noticing a familiar not your own — a sign that someone very like you is nearby. You exchange knowing glances and a small blessing.

Familiar (Study 20210125)

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@detondev If I end up learning enough to make something worth sharing! 😂🙏

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