Today's plans include making soap, trying to learn Blender, and maybe doing a little reading.

A real self-care kind of day.

First batch of soap is mixed and in the mold! Now to check it in 2-3 days to see how it went! 🧼

Wow Dune. Great choices! A few years ago, here at Buenos Aires it was a true adventure to find Dune's first three novels. Im intrigue with the one of 'liber null and psychonaut'.

@Arielbnz Thanks! This will be my first time reading Dune, although I read the appendices long ago and the worldbuilding just captivated me.

Liber Null and Psychonaut is a great foundational text for Chaos Magick, and while I have my own approach, it's interesting to see where it split from more established magick like Thelema.

Great. I have never read any book about chaos magick, nor Thelema. Im not a magick practitioner at all. Im the other hand, Thelema always attract me in one way or another. I have read little to none. But i find its philosophy quite interesting. Could you give a book suggestion to start reading about this topic ?(as a none practioner or iniciated). Thank you in advance.

@Arielbnz I don't have any Thelema recommendations, but if you're interested in chaos magick, "Practical Sigil Magic" by Frater U.:D.: is a great place to start!

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