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Good morning my lovelies! Today is my birthday and I am getting a cold, but you know what would perk me RIGHT up? If you were to consider sharing my fundraising campaign for my local Foodbank and Dogs Trust, or maybe even poppin' a couple quid into it!? 😍 I am doing another charity art stream this month! gofundme.com/f/10-hour-stream-

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In my character portraits alone, I found that I've played with in the past. Inky, sketchy, painty and full on finished. ;)

As part of an expansion of my Patreon to include all my work, I uploaded these older pieces from 2013 at print quality for all patrons! Enjoy! patreon.com/helenmclaughlinart
More to come later this week.

I repainted my first digital painting of a person back in 2015.
I'm going to upload the new one in high res on my Patreon, and as an added bonus, I've decided to start doing process sheets for my $1 patrons! patreon.com/helenmclaughlinart

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HAPPY 5 YEAR PATREON ANNIVERSARY - I have started a give-away (and posted a rambly 15 min vlog) for my amazing patrons over here: patreon.com/posts/26328746

A tavern interior I finished recently after picking away at it for over a year. The full resolution version, amongst others, is available on my newly launched Patreon. Come be a patron of the arts!


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