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Last night, I started tracing over a digital piece I made back in... Maybe 2017? 2018? I'm not sure.

Anyway, I keep thinking that I haven't improved, but I could see how many mistakes the original drawing has, & I now know how to fix them.

Point is: Reworking yr old art is a good idea because, 1) You can see how much you've improved, 2) Things you still like can be kept, & 3) It's a heap of fun!

I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today, and although there was a line out the door, people in line actively pushed wheelchair users and elderly people ahead, encouraging them to cut the line. If you think "HUMANS ARE INHERENTLY SELFISH" or some such tripe, consider this: your brain has been completely fucked by capitalism, a system that not only robs people materially, but impoverishes them even of the opportunities to show kindness to one another. Humans are very often inherently altruistic.

Alright, new favourite dinosaur. I want to see seventeen thousand fanarts of this cutie patootie in my feed as soon as earthly possible. XD

personal [c-19 mention, mh] (+) 

Ahh my first uni class of the year is tomorrow my time! The first 2 classes are gonna be in Zoom because COVID, then in-person from the 3rd class onwards.

I hope.

I've already spent some time tonight setting everything up for Zoom tomorrow morning, because I'm also seeing my therapist via the internet. :^]

I'm not actually dyslexic - the font just gives my brain that happy juice. Idk why, but I'm not going to question that fact tbh...

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I worked out how to get OpenDyslexic working on Firefox properly, & I'm feeling very much like my icon atm. :D

remember when I talked about [Karyta]?
this one is an []. they share a planet - one species living in the depths of the oceans and the other residing in the mountains of the land. Arka are the land people in case you're wondering ;)
bonus info: that planet is also where Ozyres come from.

if you want to see a full-body of these creatures: I did one some time ago (it's somewhere on the bottom of my media. I didn't use tags back then, sry).

[fatphobia] (-) 

I wish more Picrews had fat options, because I'm about a mid fat & so many of them are like, straight-size or, if they have a fat option, small fat. I found one I made a while ago for my account but do you think I can find it again?? NOPE. :^]

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illustration featuring food and lies about sweden, apologies swedes 

I totally forgot to put up the card I made for my Mum's birthday! She likes birds and studied linguistics (she knows more Swedish than I do lmao) so I made her this

I decided it would be a good idea to change my icon, but, I don't have the brain juice to draw atm, so I did the next best thing: Picrew myself!!

There's something hilarious about someone who's nowhere being an adult singing about "childish fears" holding them back.

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I'm going through about 16 years' worth of music that I've somehow managed to have backed up, & I found a Kidz Bop version of My Immortal by Evanescence that I downloaded off Tumblr YEARS ago...

As expected, it's amazingly awful.

Finished a new woodland painting! First oil painting that size. The second picture is how the painting started out. How do you like it, could I do anything better?

botany growth rate 100! it has taken years to get this far haha

A forest buried by man, man buried by forest.

Location: 10 kilometre exclusion-zone. Pripyat, Ukraine. 2019


Hey everyone, just a quick midweek reminder that the submissions period for Volume 5 is here! If you're a or and want to contribute stories and/or covers, DM me with your ideas, and we'll go from there!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!

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