It's #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth and I'd just to tell people to stop using brain injuries as a metaphor for evil, incompetence, or another undesirable trait. People with brain injuries spend lots of time and money rebuilding our lives, and we face plenty of medical discrimination.

This series is getting out of hand, I'm including more and more backgrounds!!!!! 👀💦

Tho drawing a background like this is quite quick. The background colors are picked as well, because they're so pretty. I think most of the 3h drawing time so far went into her face which was somehow quite challenging. Compared to his one, which looked fine after the first try. 😂

Here's the photo reference btw:

[literal fash, parents] (-) 

Just woke up from a dream involving my dad being a nazi, so I need all the wholesome memes right now...

Sometimes a painting just needs another day. If you’re stuck and can’t seem to improve it no matter what, it often helps to just let it rest for a day and come back later. Distance helps a lot (which is also why crunch is so ineffective). Take the breaks you need!

This song is so good. Shit, the whole album is excellent. :D

I'm just sitting here, thinking about how I've deleted a shit tonne of files over the past month that I didn't need, & how I need to get a bigger &/or another SSD because - apparently - 1 TB isn't enough to contain 10+ years worth of files.

It’s the last day of black history month!!! If you like the art I make and the kind of stuff I gotta say, consider supporting a black creative on an ongoing basis by subscribing to my patreon or messaging me for a commission 🤍

It's not even 4:30 am down here. I'll probably water them before I have my meds at 5 am. I've disturbed my neighbours enough lmao.

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Botany is just a really cute little program, but also I just realised I haven't watered my succulents for a number of days - maybe a week...

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I'm just thinking about a comic I saw a little while ago, & laughing.

It's about how people who don't know much about computers think everyone who uses a command line in public is hacking. I'm laughing because I have Botany set to open automatically when I login on my MacBook Pro. I also have to enter my username on it to login for Extra Security™️ or something...

There's not enough art on my page so here is an older (September 15, last year) little piece I wanted to share :o

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