This song is so good. Shit, the whole album is excellent. :D

I'm just sitting here, thinking about how I've deleted a shit tonne of files over the past month that I didn't need, & how I need to get a bigger &/or another SSD because - apparently - 1 TB isn't enough to contain 10+ years worth of files.

#begpost ammendum pt 2 :boost_ok: 

Also, the printer ink I've chosen is the highest amount I can use for my printer. I've included the level of ink left in my printer, which is incredibly low atm...

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#begpost :boost_ok: [abuse, parents] (-) 

I need to break free of my abusive dad's hold on my finances. I had to borrow "AU"$350 the other day, & still owe him "AU"$310. I'm also on disability payments, & will be getting less from now on because I'm no longer studying.

The pictures I've included is what I need to launch my own art shop, plus my negative PayPal balance. I need "AU"$125, which includes PayPal fees; CashApp/Venmo aren't available down here...

Hi friends! My name’s Nate K. Ammankoski-Smith, & I’m a disabled, queer, trans artist who exists in Naarm (“Melbourne”), Aus-failure. I love coffee, 20th century history, & never shutting up. :^]

I use Procreate on my iPad to make digital art, & gouache, inks, & watercolour on paper, & oils on canvas for traditional.

I have an e-graphic novel called What Colour Is Blue?, which I started developing in 2007. My website is & has links to things.

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Lmao, so like a day after I use a Picrew & complain about how difficult it is to find ones with a fat option, I find one that has a fat option.

This is what my "start page" looks like with OpenDyslexic3 as my default font in Firefox. I honestly wish I could work out how to get OD3 to become my default font in MacOS Mojave, but afaik it's not possible?

Also lmao at the amount of posts my PixelPet Lilah has. :^]

I decided it would be a good idea to change my icon, but, I don't have the brain juice to draw atm, so I did the next best thing: Picrew myself!!

[joke about transphobia] (~) 

Omfg, so this popped up in my FB memories today? Thank you, past Nate, for sharing this.

Also, fucken hell this was my art “education” in the 2000s. DeviantART is/was a Cursed Place™️.

In another life, I was on :birdsite: A Lot & was trying to become a HxC PC Gamur™️ but now I'm like I just want to play games that I'll enjoy. Anyway, this is a screenshot of a meme I never finished, starring Uboa from , because I couldn't work out how to. :^]

Tfw you want to make a Picrew but the maker of the first tutorial you find in English doesn't understand Japanese... :^]

[food] (+) 

Y'know what's actually really tasty? Frozen grapes. I mean, I love grapes anyway, but this is the weather today.

This is in Celsius, btw...

[eye contact] (+) 

My new iPad Pro case arrived the other day!! It wasn’t complete until I covered it in stickers aha. :^]

[c-19 mention, eye contact] (+) 

I also took a selfie for my ID card photo (because COVID) & liked it enough to make it my profile picture here, too.

The photo had to meet certain criteria so that's why I look so 8) haha!

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First image on this new account & it’s my art desk! :D Also, that piece of paper is A3 sized. And I almost always do my signature before I start working, then use masking tape to protect it.


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