Boosts appreciated! I want to join a German-speaking fediverse server, but idk which one to join. My German is also terrible; I'm maybe a quarter fluent on a good day, even though I've been learning it on & off since 2001...

Being queer + trans friendly is a must, the people being arty &/or writers would be a nice bonus, & maybe a little techy??? Not too techy, though, because I've been on one previously, & hated it there. D:

I should point out that my account there will be a side account. English is my first language, but I really want to improve my German because I love the language & a lot of German artists etc. I know some instances can be a bit iffy about being used that way.

I don't live in a German speaking country so the internet & German language media are all I've got.

"German-speaking fediverse server" Nate the word "instance" exists for this exact context.

@helatique there's quite a few artists and tech-y people here, and it's queer friendly

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