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Hi friends! My name’s Nate K. Ammankoski-Smith, & I’m a disabled, queer, trans artist who exists in Naarm (“Melbourne”), Aus-failure. I love coffee, 20th century history, & never shutting up. :^]

I use Procreate on my iPad to make digital art, & gouache, inks, & watercolour on paper, & oils on canvas for traditional.

I have an e-graphic novel called What Colour Is Blue?, which I started developing in 2007. My website is & has links to things.

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Lmao, so like a day after I use a Picrew & complain about how difficult it is to find ones with a fat option, I find one that has a fat option.

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I see myself as a nerdy emo kid more than anything haha. :^]

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There's not enough art on my page so here is an older (September 15, last year) little piece I wanted to share :o

I try to put away $5 every time I get my disability payment, but the longest time I’ve gone without needing to get into my savings is 3 weeks. 3 weeks! Fuck!!!

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Seriously, I had to buy a bunch of things from the chemist because of my ankle injury on Tuesday. I was unable to get one of my regular medications as a result - until I dipped into my meagre savings.

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Being disabled is fucken expensive, & I hate the fact it is.

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"our child prison is better than theirs" is peak liberalism.

There's 500 millions iPads on the planet, half of them sold before 2015, 22 different models. That's a lot of computers that need/will need repurposing at some point. Given the explosion in production in this kind of electronics this past decade, it might be interesting to target this kind of system :) Also includes old android tablets and phones!

it feels like my mind wasn't ready for this crazy pose xD

I tried to "blur" certain parts of the drawing like the front paw, tail and ground. I definitely learned a lot with this one. but I will continue to grasp how to get movement into drawings.

btw, his one is an [Arka]. the counterpart to my Karyta :)
I come to follow my friend Haze. This is my
First: Chocolate and strawberries, they are aliens
Second: hoho, she is a crocodile just like coco

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I need to break free of my abusive dad's hold on my finances. I had to borrow "AU"$350 the other day, & still owe him "AU"$310. I'm also on disability payments, & will be getting less from now on because I'm no longer studying.

The pictures I've included is what I need to launch my own art shop, plus my negative PayPal balance. I need "AU"$125, which includes PayPal fees; CashApp/Venmo aren't available down here...

illustrated haiku CW for gore/food/cannibalism 

responsibly sourced
local jerk, dip snacks in clots
of enemy cake

#begpost update "AU"$0/"AU"$125 :boost_ok: 

Just updated my Liberapay profile, so you can donate using that, too, if you don't have PayPal. If yr not able to donate, that's perfectly fine - just boosting helps as well!

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It's honestly so weird to realise that I've been working on What Colour Is Blue? (aka my e-graphic novel) for exactly half my life this year. As I said to @haze1nuts - I need to lie down & think about my decisions LMAO!!

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