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Just a couple of quick PSAs: Sometimes, I say things in the “wrong order” when I speak/type in English, but they’re the correct order in German. If this happens, please don’t correct my English grammar.

When I get really tired, I try to speak/type in German, because I’ve been learning it on & off for 20 years this year. If I mess up with my German grammar, please correct me. Younger Nate refused to learn it properly because he thought it was boring... :^]

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I see myself as a nerdy emo kid more than anything haha. :^]

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I found a photo of someone on Pinterest who looks almost identical to one of my OCs. I’m both !!! & ??? about this entire situation tbh. :^]

Just remembered that I made a WordPress . com account, but haven't launched it yet. I'm going to write an intro post for it, post that, then launch it.

Speaking of intro posts, I don't have one any more because I keep deleting & re-drafting mine for various reasons. That & my bio contains everything an intro post should contain, & is easily editable.

Btw, WP . com > WP . org because you don't have to pay for a . com account.

I went to the letter box near me to return some mail addressed to a former tenant & I saw no less than three (3) dogs. They were all cute, so I texted my partner about the dogs, & how I hoped they (my partner) would have a good day.

My partner replied with an “aww” & “they’re good dogs, Brent”, & I’m so glad I’m with someone who loves cute animals & memes just as much as I do.

NYC will cease prosecuting sexwork 

#NYC State's Attorney Vance says his office will no longer prosecute #sexworkers for plying their trade, and asks judge to void 914 open cases involving the same

I've put on laundry & I feel like a proper adult. Mostly because I haven't had regular access to clean clothes for 5 years for Reasons™️. :^]

"German-speaking fediverse server" Nate the word "instance" exists for this exact context.

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I should point out that my account there will be a side account. English is my first language, but I really want to improve my German because I love the language & a lot of German artists etc. I know some instances can be a bit iffy about being used that way.

I don't live in a German speaking country so the internet & German language media are all I've got.

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Boosts appreciated! I want to join a German-speaking fediverse server, but idk which one to join. My German is also terrible; I'm maybe a quarter fluent on a good day, even though I've been learning it on & off since 2001...

Being queer + trans friendly is a must, the people being arty &/or writers would be a nice bonus, & maybe a little techy??? Not too techy, though, because I've been on one previously, & hated it there. D:

some people need to learn that suffering is sometimes just pointless.

There's people who will tell you things like poverty, racism, disability, etc will make you a better person or inculcate you with some kind of higher knowledge.

Some shit just sucks, we were lucky to survive it, and arguing that it ennobled us somehow is really just a way of saying you have no interest in stopping it from happening to others

It’s mostly so I can use apps that work with Linux but not MacOS. There’s a lot because Mac computers are expensive. Also, my graphics tablet hates MacOS, but works perfectly with Linux. :^]

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Me: I will never, EVER use Linux again!! It’s too difficult for me to use!!!!

Also me: *installs Manjaro Linux & wonders why nothing works*

fucking with police tech 

Ok, so cops have this tool called Cellbrite they use to automate collecting data off of cell phones that they physically posses and are unlocked.

Turns out, Cellbrite has shite security, which means that you can drop an otherwise-inert file somewhere in your phone's system that, if scanned, will inject itself and allow arbitrary code execution on their Cellbrite device. I.E, you can make their hardware do literally anything you want, including compromising any data the device collects.

And in what they describe as unrelated news, Signal will start occasionally and randomly stashing some inert files in installations on established accounts.

I mean, I'm not sad that I own an iPad Pro. I love mine a lot, apart from the lack of internal storage.

Plus, I waited long enough to buy one that has a USB C connector. Apple enabled i(Pad)OS users to use external storage things with their devices in 2019, so I don't have to worry as much because USB C has become a standard across the tech world.

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I should've splashed out & bought an iPad Pro with bigger storage, or at least waited until later in 2020 for Apple to release one that had 128GB as the minimum storage, instead of 64GB... 64GB is fine for a phone, but not for something that's meant to replace a computer, especially for digital creatives.

Yes, this includes writers, because I am one too. I know that for researching, we save PDFs & full websites. Plus if you want to get yr work out in the world somehow, PDF making apps can help.

I thought I'd lost all of the original PSD files for chapter 1 of my e-graphic novel, but I just hadn't been looking in the correct folder. Lesson: Back up yr files in more than one place.

Especially if you use a cloud service...

sorry i have to ask but with the lockdown and continual snow my new job STILL isn't open yet so i have literally no income,,,, I need help to pay my rent and get food, pls help me if you can this shit sucks so much, anything helps :/

Hey, some cancel culture people want to ban queer books for children at my kid's school. Could y'all sign this petition and let the school district know those lgbtq+ books are good?

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