And with that last toot, I've finally found my avatar...

Gah! It's been far too long since I posted anything. I'm sorry,,, 😭

I've been hiding away, drawing nearly every day, trying to improve as fast as I can.

So here's a magic girl I put together in , with the help of their "basic" illustration guide:

Yeah, basic. 😓

Fun fact: In Mad Max, Fury Road, when Immortan Joe's War Boys launch themselves into battle and spray their teeth with "chrome", it's *actually* Wilton's edible Colour Mist spray glitter. For the record, it smells like cheap vodka. If all goes well, it'll make my chocolates all shiny and chrome.


But we're not there yet, so we don't need to worry about it. Use what happens naturally, don't fight it. Just let this happen. We just let this flow right out of our minds. You can create the world you want to see and be a part of. You have that power. We'll play with clouds today.

Ugh, just saw the repeating pattern of the canvas texture... I'll have to learn to fix that, or add it later using a less mundane texture.

Back to it!! I've been too exhausted from work the last few weeks, but now relaxing following this tutorial for

Not the best work, but first using mixable oil and pallet knife.

Trying to learn , I followed most of this tutorial on character design: . He's a little murky and too cartoony, but he's my forest imp... thing.

I really should finish this pencil scene. But actually... With the right light, it looks like a fresh snow has fallen.

Yeah, please don't do these things, thanks 😅
A friendly cyberawareness reminder that this Royal Wedding 'Royal Name' meme thing is quite literally asking for the most commonly selected online access/recovery Security Questions.


Been a while! But getting back into the habit. Here are some quick sketches from the latest , the galaxy's greatest comic!

isn't the best source of expressions, but I tried to find a few interesting panels to practice.

My first attempt at (or if you are u-phobic) pencils. I followed a kind of step by step (not enough steps in my view), and I know:

- the values are too flat
- I should have left more of the paper white
- there's too much detail, and it's too messy

But any feedback would be appreciated!

Three sketches from yesterday's trip to the and art gallery. It's a much more peaceful place to sketch the animals, compared to London's mistral history, and there isn't a gift shop every exhibit. I don't know what went wrong with the hyaena, but I made him look cuddly and not at all the cunning viscous pack hunter.

A few city pen sketches I did on my travels today.

The last one, I tried to capture 's winding architecture.

The second one... Well I had a couple of drinks by the time is finished, so...

Well done to the and Art Gallery. Smaller than London's natural history, but so much on show by comparison. No huge areas taken up by daft dinosaur animatronics, no: just dinosaur skeletons in all their glory!

One of the plates I did back in late March. Interestingly, this guy didn't have a back to his head, but the way I drew him made him look like he kinda did, and it doesn't work. Bah!

I'm more please with the beard work though.

A head I drew back in March. I like the more interesting plates, so it's always a treat to turn the page and BLAM! Horses head out of nowhere!

I moved on to the faces of the plates, mid march. The one on the left is the second in the series, and I loved how it came out at the time, especially the darker shadow work (hopefully you can just make out the half tone of the eyelid and cheek).

The girl is the 4th or 5th in the series. The shadow work is kinda stripey, so looks like she's carved out of wood (a good effect if that's what you want it to look like that, but I didn't), but I like the band in the hair.

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