One of my least known OCs - Thornasolei.

Thornasolei is possibly the most powerful humanoid being in the comic's universe, but she doesn't grasp the concept of sexuality and she hates wearing clothes which causes fights with her brother - King Beelzeberiad when he invites her over for royal parties.


hi! I'm fairly (very) anxious about it but I impulse made a casual blizzard-centric gaming discord server specifically for wlw + nblw, to be social and make friends and play games together. I rly hope that's not too specific lol

(it's also very under construction so help would be awesome ;v;)

I'd rather not post the link out in the open yet so you can dm me for an inviteπŸ’– or boosting is appreciated too!

@micahdraws ahhh thank you it seems like the event is in really unfortunate time because everyone is busy this month :((((

@extinct honestly lot of those early creepypastas/internet scary stories were so good and I feel like we will never get something like this again, like they are some ancient monuments of the old internet

Goodmorning can i have a sandwich i see you have sandwich can i have sandwich is this an egg i like eggs can i have an egg but only the yellow part goodmorning its me your cat can i have a

more and I kind of got better at the end I think. Also after hitting 30 pieces I want to attack bunch of people from masto and cf who are in the same team as me so be beware....
characters belong to
JrSpore, Joelthegalaxywitch, Schadenfreude, SporkSpagel

@dragonlaurita same, like, MOST of my favourite characters from wow are literally dead or defunct OR already had their chance to be in the spotlight but blizzard fucked it up and we probably won't see them again. I guess of course I could read fanfiction or create stories for my own characters but its just not the same to me. I want the game to be good and have fun lore and honestly when I see good fanfiction I get angry that the original lore is not like this.

@Rinru lots of people only do few attacks,most of my friends last year made less than ten. This year is slow anyway, so don't worry about it imho. If you can find time to make few artworks this month it's really worth it

Does any of you do the Art Fight event? It doesn't seem as lively as it did one year ago ._.

This is my profile:

Feel free to interact with me there

link to free (without certificate) open learning course about bugs 

@dragonlaurita @tevruden my first character ever was a female undead warrior. I loved undead before cataclysm. I had an undead warrior, dk and warlock all at level 80. I was 13 years old and Sylvania was the coolest character in the whole game.
Let's just say that ummm yeah I understand you.

4 artfights. My goal this year is to make it to the 30 pieces so Im doing very simple and quick drawings this year. also team dream WHERE TF you at
they belong to areosu, DevilNyx, Katdensetsu, bevertown

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