Also the owner asked me if I like this man bc he's her favourite so she gave me a deck with his face and I had to lie I like men at all

I got a my deck for free because my friend wanted to teach me how to play so to asked how to buy the best one and they were like just take it for free

two comments on the same article that together explain ufology completely

@dona I only learnt about them like a year ago so hshdjs

@renardroi i Love People who are like yess I love my OC who looks like my dream boyfriend who has pale skin and slightly twisted canines I'm such a freak such a weirdo I'm just not like other people

@dona im such a lazy hack that my warm ups are "open up some unfinished other artwork and try to flat out the colours". It works surprisingly well and i dont feel like im wasting time

When your creator claims that you are one of her favorite original characters, but the last time she drew something, it was a plastic banana instead of you. vs birbsite observations 

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