Ayyy and
My name is Mina, an eastern european bog body. I study evolutionary biology and I cast curses on people I dont like. Most of my art is inspired by folklore. Oh and I draw two comics and colour one, all pinned on my profile too
Other than that I live in the forest with my three cats

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SIKE this is a lie because climate where I live is not optimal for bog body formation so I cannot be one I lied sorry everyone I am a liar

@he_xie deceit! I have never been more betrayed πŸ˜”

@he_xie wow these are beautiful! Makes me want to read old folkloric tales about them

@ElisaUllien ahhh this is the greatest compliment, thank you πŸ’–

Beautiful! I especially like the first one, and I wonder what the story or myth is behind the dragon and the phoenix (if that's what they are).
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