i just gotta say it some of yall are real cowards. you cant call yourself a monsterfucker if all ur into is vampires or rude boys who can do magic, and I'm personally offended by this bookriot article insinuating that dating a blood mage is monster romance. Not Horny Enough, Idiots


@renardroi i Love People who are like yess I love my OC who looks like my dream boyfriend who has pale skin and slightly twisted canines I'm such a freak such a weirdo I'm just not like other people

@he_xie after much discussion with one of my close monsterfucker friends and we came up with a podcast idea where we give 'monsters' a percentage grade based on 4 categories:

1. body plan
2. genitalia
3. will it kill you?
4. personality

and then at the end of each episode we say whether or not we would kiss the monster

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