I was thinking about doing some landscape speedpaints based on my fav wow classic zones and then i wasted 30 minutes trying to fix lighting on this one (Inspired by Darkshore, im leveling an ally for the first time and its dope)
Please critique me because drawing is hard

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me: wow i love color scheme in every single one of those zones what if i drew something inspired by it? :D
me 5 minutes later

@he_xie It's so beautiful is it okay if I download it? So I can use it as my wallpaper? I really like it.

@Sujee thank you so much and of course. Here is the drawing at max resolution

@he_xie Looks good already! I have only a minor critique: I think the moon looks a little off because it's 1. tangenting with the horizon, 2. doesn't seem to cast any light into the scene. Raising or lowering the moon would fix #1, and adding some subtle rim lights on some of the trees would fix #2.

@eishiya Ohhh I haven't even thought about the horizon, and I wasted so much time on values that I forgot to draw the light. Oh god now the moon really looks like a hollow ball floating in the sky.
Thank you so so much, I will try to fix it, even if only for myself :D

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