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Hello, my name is Mina & Im a eastern europe based forest cryptid, I like folklore, monsters, comics and partially science. Hit me up about high fantasy, obscure legends and monsterboys.
Most of art i do is concept arting for a one day im gonna do i promise
also this site is a bit confusing for me but im trying my best
mastodon.art/media/y3jvZzjhFJL mastodon.art/media/gyOy9nIL0sn mastodon.art/media/cuBToN90dGW

horse studies, sketches and gestures, around 1h
ref: France equastrian jumping team in Rio 2016
next time I want to do some sophisticated dressage sketches, cant wait to draw those arched necks. Also im conflicted n posting studies here butttt Ilike those ones

Polish sabre with scabbard, looks like a cavalry sabre to me, early 17th century. Look at this false edge!
Sabres are cool, everyone should have one. I will buy myself a sabre one day.

adding shitton of weapons to my pinterest inspo boards so have some more
Yataghan from court of the Suleyman the Magnificient, XVI century
have you ever seen a blade so beautiful youve started to cry? Now you have.

if you want some weapon inspo for your new dnd character check out this sword of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor.
s: wikipedia

sometimes i log into twitter to talk to my mutuals about world of warcraft or something and theres ALWAYS some uninteresting art drama here and every popular artist has some uninteresting opinion and im like

its him, the worst boy
first one is just kontusz bc like everyone should have one
second one vaguely russian, next one military inspired (18th century), last one some really old outfit i found (like 10th century? almost as old a smy country guys)
tell me what do you think which one is the hottest

chbhbhscs my masto broke and i spammed yall with the same thing 3 times and i have to delete my account in shame sweet baby jesus

rough chara design of a protagonist for a future
first one vaguely polish, second vaguely russian, last vaguely hungarian
now I gotta do the dude ;.;
tell me your opinions

days 15-18
i didint really want to do madness tbh but like i didint want to miss out a day lmfao
those 4 days theme was horror i guess

3 days late bc exams
may 11-14
those prompts were great but im a bit uncreative rn hh

hey today i was working physically for 12h and got hoe at 8am and i just wanted to draw and i spent 2 minutes thinking why is not my tablet working and rebooting my laptop and wacom and photoshop and you know what it didnt wokr because instead of puting wacom cable in usb port i put the scaner cable goodnight im so fucking sdvhbs

Police, coming closer to me slowly: Miss are you brewing illegal alcohol right in front of your house
Me, tears in my eyes yet knife in my hand: ME A WITCH PRINCE. ME MAGE.

Im watching some "magic ghosts and aliens are real dudes show and they talk about alchemy and now they are talking to a modern alchemist who lives in USA and this dude is just MAKING ALCOHOL IN HIS BACKYARD AND CALLS IT ALCHEMY IM HOWLING

Real shit when I was 13 years old ive tried very hard to learn how to hide behind side of a galloping horse akin to kossacks.
Imagine overweight 13 years old girl with big ass helmet trying not to fall down and hide herself behind a horse while galloping
That was something hilarious.

Quite disturbing how at the tender age of 21 I still cant shoot arrows in full gallop atop a horse

stream idea - just me doing lineart of hair for 3h weekly and thats it

Kana and Vexineth, one tried to kill the other one day but now they are in love and married kay
If ya have some opinions tell me, I'm still trying to find a style that would suit me ;.;

working out 👌✊👊 Show more

fast sketch of Laffi bc he has some cool colours going on
Laffi is the youngest of Witch Council of Skolema. Amari gauged off his eye for seeking forbidden knowledge.
Oh and he has a son and everyone in Council looks down on hi bc of that
this boy has shitty life