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Hello, my name is Mina & Im a eastern europe based forest cryptid, I like folklore, monsters, comics and partially science. Hit me up about high fantasy, obscure legends and monsterboys.
Most of art i do is concept arting for a one day im gonna do i promise
also this site is a bit confusing for me but im trying my best

Im home for the weekend and we are making some pierogi

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Skolema, Witch Kind of Blood Mages
(I was trying to work out on my composition and flow lines, feel fre to critique)

also yes i know you should hold a bunny like this 😩

also as you can see she put her paws into my tit :/

I found this photo on twitter of me when I was working at organisation that took care of rescued bunnies. This one's name was Sara and I was bitten and scratched her but then it turned out that when i hold her tight she calms down. We would chill like this of hours and I had to clean up the cages and hold her at the same time.
I was thinkng about adopting her because no one wanted her because she was mean to everyone but then someone felt in love with her πŸ’–
(you cant see my face

trying to come up with anatomy for my boys (and girls). I feel like Im happy with this design, they are completely overed in feathers, but they are mush fluffier and shorter on stomach and insides of the limbs (think of down feathers of birds), and ears. I may think of their skeletons and muscles later, idk.

Im such a sucker from seemingly human creatures that are very inhuman and animalistic. Or egnerally characters that are like this. Creatures that look like they could be sentient and intelligent specie,s but instead they tear their prey apart and would kill you instantly. Its very creepy.
also yeah, feral humans are super cool too.

Also this one adopted a human child. It took it some time to understand that she wont eat raw, regurgigated meat, but now they are fine.

the are more of those reatures but they mostly live alone or with their offspring. They hatch from eggs, and one can lay up to six eggs. After a year they are big enough to start wandering from the nest, but they still cant fly. They leave their parent after six years, when they are almost as big as them.
While they are solitary creatures they were known to hunt in packs when in extreme danger. People have legends of packs so big that they covered the whole sky, turning day into night.

When they catch their prey they twist their necks and jerk it to disembody it into swalloable chunks (they can twist their necks 340 degrees but it looks more like how alligators deal with their food) and then gulp it down like an owl. Then dont leave much traces behind them, except for pellets of bones and fur. They are big enough to catch a horse and bring it into their lair, and then eat it.
Loving this binch.

do you ever get this feeling of extreme longing for something bu you dont even know what are you missing because you cant describe it, and it can be something you tihnk you want that cannot even be possible, a place in another time, a feeling in another place, and its so hard to explain it, its like being nostalgic for things that have never happened and every autumn it comes and like a truck kills me everyday

Hey, I havent read a webcomic in uhmmm years, anyone has any good to recommend? It can be yours it can be your friend's, it can be one you just like, its all fine πŸ‘Œ

Yall want some kittens?
i found photos of my cats just after we adopted them, they are both rescues (and twins) so they were very sick, had fleas, flu were dirty and kinda feral. Now they are fat fluffy cats. Look at my babies

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