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Hi my name is Mina. I study science and read too many fantasy books. According to some rumours I live in the lake where i drown unfaithful ones with my claws but those are just rumours.
I also like inking I guess. Have some close ups of my recent works.
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Hello, my name is Mina & Im a eastern europe based forest cryptid, I like folklore, monsters, comics and partially science. Hit me up about high fantasy, obscure legends and monsterboys.
Most of art i do is concept arting for a one day im gonna do i promise
also this site is a bit confusing for me but im trying my best

I made this picture for the event that is currently active on my comic site.

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It's the 4th birthday of my comic so and I decided to organize something that rewards FREE ART :hellcephira_kiss: πŸŽ‰

You can get a free character portrait of your choice when you complete the event activity and everybody is welcome to join!

#webcomic #art #birthday #anniversary #comic #event

ref sheet for art fight for Xanti, my only dnd character I like
next i will draw his armour

splashed blood, a comic page, also corpses, but like mild 

splashed blood, a comic page, also corpses, but like mild 

My couple, they work for rival convenience stores but love each other despite ❀️

can love bloom... on the battlefield...
(their names are Kathe and Hardnn)

me in any community of artists: asks a question
this one user who has 5420 posts but only made their account five months ago:

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