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Hi my name is Mina. I study science and read too many fantasy books. According to some rumours I live in the lake where i drown unfaithful ones with my claws but those are just rumours.
I also like inking I guess. Have some close ups of my recent works.
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Hello, my name is Mina & Im a eastern europe based forest cryptid, I like folklore, monsters, comics and partially science. Hit me up about high fantasy, obscure legends and monsterboys.
Most of art i do is concept arting for a one day im gonna do i promise
also this site is a bit confusing for me but im trying my best

Sabina and Jake from #HWAcomic in some closet halloween costumes, aka HWAlloween... :psyduck:

I did my first pass at thumbnails for chapter 8 (8 pages), but they're pretty boring, so I'll have to iterate on those later!

I did a speedpaint inspired by classic Barrens, feel free to critique
I tried to go more horizontal with this one

A portrait of young Hamel from based on a painting signed "Rossi".

medium: prismacolor pencils

Hey! I'm Kickstarting some enamel pins for my shop, so if art pins are your thing please consider checking them out:

I already managed to make a wow guild on alliance named Night Lords. Which another warhammer 40k legion should I chose as a name for my horde guild VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE VOTE (just which name is cool)

Love Love Hill is doing a free shipping promo for orders over $30 for our #comics and #zines

Code: octoship (expires Oct 31 2019)

Shipping will begin October 1st and we'll make weekly trips to the post office. You can get a head start now!


New art! Thanks for enjoying this piece. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

me: wow i love color scheme in every single one of those zones what if i drew something inspired by it? :D
me 5 minutes later

I was thinking about doing some landscape speedpaints based on my fav wow classic zones and then i wasted 30 minutes trying to fix lighting on this one (Inspired by Darkshore, im leveling an ally for the first time and its dope)
Please critique me because drawing is hard

So I made a random warm up sketch and ended up with this. This is my OC - Anshrilda.

I love learning to paint backgrounds 😍
#art #drawing #painting #background #beach #bikini #girl #Krita

This is the closest I've ever gotten to drawing in an anime style… :da_sweat:

Just a portrait of Hilda from #FireEmblem3Houses. I ended up liking her a heck of a lot more than I thought I would! :da_giggle:

#FE3H #Hilda #MastoArt #FanArt #DigitalArt #ClipStudioPaint #iPadProArt

[CW: Eye contact]

two speedpaints i tried to do with no refs. feel free to critique or w/e
water..... hard....
20 min and 40 min

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