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Ayyy and
My name is Mina, an eastern european bog body. I study evolutionary biology and I cast curses on people I dont like. Most of my art is inspired by folklore. Oh and I draw two comics and colour one, all pinned on my profile too
Other than that I live in the forest with my three cats

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Hi my name is Mina. I study science and read too many fantasy books. According to some rumours I live in the lake where i drown unfaithful ones with my claws but those are just rumours.
I also like inking I guess. Have some close ups of my recent works.
🐸 🐸

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Hello, my name is Mina & Im a eastern europe based forest cryptid, I like folklore, monsters, comics and partially science. Hit me up about high fantasy, obscure legends and monsterboys.
Most of art i do is concept arting for a one day im gonna do i promise
also this site is a bit confusing for me but im trying my best

🏝 A monograph of the free and semi-parasitic Copepoda of the British islands
London, Ray Society, 1878-80.

Ivan Shishkin lend me your spirit and give me the ability to draw TREES

My oc - Xivaillon wearing some outfit from Pinterest and shoes I found on muggerrz website
#art #drawing #doodle #oc

So I finally did it. 🐴 ✍️

Click here to check out my Horse Drawing Workshop Notes and References booklet:


Ever needed to draw horses but had no idea where to start? Does the thought of drawing an equine terrify you? Want to learn more tools to help grow your horse drawing skills? Then this .PDF is for you!

Designed to be as approachable as possible without getting technical.


Thank you so much for your support! :da_cuddle:

#Horses #Art #HowTo

true crime podcast fans are like "omfg dont listen to this podcast, it plagiarises all its content from wikipedia and reddit and is disrespectful to the victims, instead listen to this other podcast which also steals all their research from reddit and is disrespectful to the victims"

Dates & Wires, the slavpunk dating sim full of regrets, lost causes and promises of romance is out on!

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