Heyo, it’s time for an ! Hello, you fabulous people of Mastodon. I‘m pretty new to this app and English is not my first language so bear with me😄 My name is Ellie. I’m a digital and traditional artist from Germany and I love to draw spooky and witchy things in black and white. It would be awesome to meet fellow artists on here! I will post more of my soon 💗

@hauntedlemongrove sehr niedlich! Willkommen :) Oben in meinem Profil findest du einige hilfreiche angeheftete Beiträge ^.^

@hauntedlemongrove that looks so cute, i'm really looking forward to more of that 😄

@hauntedlemongrove Hi, Ellie, and welcome! English is not my mother lenguaje either, I'm from Spain :) Spooky and witchy sounds amazing! I'm looking forward to see more of your art, and that little creature is SO cute! ✨🖤✨

@hauntedlemongrove Welcome, Ellie. I've been here a whole three days, but this seems to be a nice space with some lovely artists!

@hauntedlemongrove Hello hello, welcome! 💞 I am.... still yet to also start with own stuff, but hi anyways! :D Hope you like it here!

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