Hey, I hope you are doing well 💜 I got around to drawing something again. At the moment I'm struggling with some heavy personal stuff. I'm trying to slowly get back into making art without pressuring myself. This drawing is part of week 86 of the stillherestilllife art challenge. This is what my brain made of the original image. Not really a still life, but that's okay. I'll be slowly getting back into a mindful creative routine soon 🙂

Hello friends! How have you guys been?
My work and art block has kept me from drawing this past week, but I wanted to show you this little comic I made yesterday. I wanted to talk about some things I want to improve in my art. I guess if I wait until I'm ready, I'll probably never tackle this big project. I kind of need to wing it and not stress myself out so much 💗

I finally got around to drawing something. This weeks prompt of stillherestilllife week 83 ✶💜

Hey friends. Hope you're doing well. I can't draw much right now because of my work, but I made little things out of clay last week as a little art experiment. I hope you like them anyway 💗

This weeks prompt of @stillherestilllife week 82 ✶ featuring the prompt of @makthilda. Quick illustration for this week💜

Love the blue palette of today's ! Here's my session. :) Wanted to see how big I could go and still fill the whole thing with pastels in the two minutes, and this seems to be my max unless I'm drawing a full body human, for which I was severely lacking in time!

[CW: Marked as sensitive for bare torso with mastectomy scars and, completely unrelated, stains of blood belonging to someone else. But we can see an utmost happy queer couple 🖤]

Not hungry anymore.

Drawn and inked with traditional techniques.
Dibujado y entintado en técnica tradicional.

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nsfw art; nudity; full frontal 

✨ and now, the purple wizard, doing some magical stuff ✨

if you want a commission in this style, hit me up

or if you want to support my art:


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✷ South ✷
I‘m back! My hands are feeling better so here’s my second entry for .
This alpine tale is about the Tatzelwurm. It is a lizard-like creature or cat-headed serpent that is often described as venomous,fire-breathing and harmful. They live in caves,consume livestock near villages and occasionally attack humans as well.Tatzelwurm eggs are black and laid by a rooster into a lake or any other body of water similar to the eggs of the basilisk.

Hey 💗My hands and wrist joints are a bit swollen again (it’s a flare-up of my chronic illness). I wasn’t able to draw much so here’s a little repost of an old illustration from 2021 that I still love 💜

Let’s go on an adventure together to find a mysterious treasure. What’s our first stop?🌲

since i enjoyed the warm weather today i kinda had to think about an older piece and i think it's okay to show you.

it's called "June"

These illustrations were inspired by my love for medieval tapestry, patterns and texture ✨
Medium: Photoshop with Wacom Intuos tablet.

*sings to the tune of Everybody by the Backstreet Boys*
Everybody, yeah
Fuel you body, yeah
Everybody, yeah
Feed your body right
And Hydrate, alright!

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