A Confuzzled commission~
Snack time! Chrackers cheese and mustard and a similar vibe tshirt~
Character belongs to wigran ( furaffinity.net/user/wigran )

some Korps themed vent art from a bad brain 

fuck I'm really feeling physically uncomfortable in a lot of ways, so hey.

I scribbled my boy Wrex shedding his old skin: the suit of the heroine Muratrice.

Boy's got very short range telekinesis and a love of pulling up the scenery to turn into fists/claws.

I'm starting to think the prolific "French Romance" genre is just layers upon layers of angst that's somehow composted enough to grow roses

This one was a lot of fun~ A Furality livestream commission for Arcten of their new elder dragon who's got some barbarian vibes.
Character belongs to wigran ( furaffinity.net/user/wigran )

Pues ha caído una tormenta minúscula y ha llovido lo justo para rozar el suelo, pero al menos nos ha dejado este #atardecerconelPeluchín tan lustroso :blobcatcoffee:

Es curioso que en Firefox todos los complementos premiados por la comunidad sean los que estan con base en la privacidad, eso nos deja mucho que ver de la comunidad tras Firefox, nos encanta enfermamente sentirnos "seguros".

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Artist of !

I'm once again asking for your technical advice, How I draw the galaxy in the sky?, do you have any tutorials at hand? and some tips to do it on black and white with ink?

Thank you.

Variants of colour-IR. That 550nm filter is quite versatile. Gold and red hues are both possible in editing.

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