Oh people of :mastoart: and @CampCounselor , lend me advice

When you would say is a better idea to reboot a webcomic that trying to continue it after a LONG hiatus?,

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@hashRaygoza Honestly: when you think you'll be happier with a second, possibly also unfinished round, rather than finishing the one you started. No point in doing things you hate, but if you think you can wrap the story in some meaningful way, I'd push through the uncomfortable bits to the end. Finishing projects is really good you.

@hashRaygoza @CampCounselor

I guess I'd ask myself "What changes/additions do I wanna make? And is a reboot necessary to make those changes? Or can I go on from where I am, still making those changes?"

If you're concerned about an artstyle shift, recognize that'd happen regardless of whether or not you took a hiatus.

Idk I don't even write webcomix tho lol,
Maybe I'm not the best person to give advice

I think it depends on the reason why.

Does the story needs retelling because what's already there doesn't work for what you want to do now? Then yes.

Are you dissatisfied with how it looks?
If it's deferring new readers, then yes. (I redrew the first 20 pages for my webcomic when it was published.)
But if it's okayish: leave it be. It's unavoidable for long running webcomics: you evolve, you learn, you grow. Reiterating what's there, is time you could put in making more story.

@hashRaygoza It depends where the story got to on the first pass, and where you are as an artist now.

I like seeing the artist's progression as the comic unfolds and will cheerfully dig through years of old art to read the archives, but, if you've only got a couple of dozen pages in before the hiatus *and* your style has changed dramatically, a reboot would be less jarring.

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