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time! (well everyone seems to be doing it :P)

I'm David I think about computers, make comics and write programming tutorials.

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Inktober 2019: day 17 “trapped” You don’t usually think about what to do if you get trapped in a safe, but when safes can fall out of the sky, you need to be prepared.

My Sequential Imaging class and I are using as a daily exercise to tell a story with no dialog in 31 images. (Words and iconography w/i the image are okay. )

Mozilla will change security and privacy indicators in upcoming Firefox :firefox: 70:

So it is time to change the "look for the green padlock icon" security tips that are around for years (and were actually never sufficient as written in

#mozilla #firefox #security #privacy #indicator #padlock #infosec #cybersecurity

The King Arthur 11 was the first probe ever developed to travel through Einstein–Rosen bridges - also known as wormholes.

After decades of travelling it suddenly disappeared and was never heard of again.

Only recently a historian discovered ancient military documents from the 20th Century reporting the sighting of an unusual meteorite that emitted the signature radio signal of the King Arthur 11 before crashing into the Pacific Ocean in a fiery explosion.

Ok, now I only need to ink ALL this to get back in track to and have a little buffer

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