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time! (well everyone seems to be doing it :P)

I'm David I think about computers, make comics and write programming tutorials.

Comics here:

Text stuff here:

Drugs & Wires is back! But at what cost. Look at all this stuff I had to draw. LOOK AT IT AND WEEP

The Hubble Space Telescope turns 30 years on April 24th this year! 🎉 Here's the Antannae Galaxies that the Hubble saw on my birthday! You can also look up your own here:

normally don't post art i make for merch outside of patreon, but felt like sharing them. hope they make someone smile!

made these for notebooks, but they're also available as prints/other goodies. the bonus yulma was the back cover for the sweet shop notebook.

shipping is difficult now but if you wanna look for later

prints, notebooks:
other stuff:

#dgm #dgrayman #fanart #mastoart

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