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time! (well everyone seems to be doing it :P)

I'm David I think about computers, make comics and write programming tutorials.

Comics here:

Text stuff here:

Hyper Light Drifter is a game I regret not playing sooner. It has a very dystopian feel and the eerie music really adds to the feelings of hopelessness. It reminds me of the anime Casshern Sins in a way.

The art style is nostalgic and reminds me of older pixel graphics games, while still having a unique style of its own. I took this screenshot earlier and it really shows off the interesting art style. It's a very nice game.

HEY :heart_sp_les3: I'm Sofia and this is my first time on Mastodon! i like drawing colorful fanart + oc stuff!
ALSO i'm taking commissions right now:

Does anyone knows if there is someone painting cyberpunk scenes with an impressionist style ?

I want to thank @protonvpn their service was the key to solver some problems I had playing online, it all works now :D

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