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time! (well everyone seems to be doing it :P)

I'm David I think about computers, make comics and write programming tutorials.

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First page of my sketchbook 💕

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"As part of our continuous effort to strengthen the security of our infrastructure, NAT Type D (or Strict NAT) is the current default. We also plan to provide a way to let each client opt-in for NAT Type B (or Moderate NAT) - but can't confirm a specific ETA yet."

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free sketch 59 for @automongoose ( ) reverting in complexity somewhat, though this is still more complex than they were supposed to be!

#GIMP el programa de edición de imágenes digitales en forma de mapa de bits está de aniversario, ya son 25 años de esta poderosa herramienta.

Felicidades a todos los que hacen posible está excelente aplicación.



Oh Hackers and Network experts of grant me advice and help!, Do you know a that has NAT Type B on its servers?

I'm planning to use a VPN to sideline some NAT issues from my side but my usual VPN changed that config

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