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time! (well everyone seems to be doing it :P)

I'm David I think about computers, make comics and write programming tutorials.

Comics here:

Text stuff here:

Help me to brainstorm this how a superhero power by cringe would be ?

Si te gusta dibujar, esto es para ti:

✏️ ✒️ Draw this in your style 🖍️🖌️
Escoge a tu yuru-chara favorita y dibújala en tu estilo ✨


New Strip's up! Biff the Vampire - Tribute:

Want to see more? Drop by the site! ->

Or get strips sent right to your Inbox! ->

OR! Check out the latest strip and More over at the Patreon!! ->

Hoy en ✨Consiente tu mente challenge✨:
Lo mejor que puedes hacer hoy por tu cerebro 💪🏃‍♀️🏊‍♂️🚴‍♀️

“Welcome to the App Store” :smug:
(It’s not live yet, but stay tuned)

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NEW KEY TO THE FUTURE'S FATE PAGE! In which absolutely nothing is wrong. c:

Check out the update below!



I'm open for commissions again!

I do illustrations, icons, ref sheets, and portraits!


Commission Info:

Print Shop:

Queue + Schedule:

Ko-Fi Tip Jar:

Working on these outside of my new show production artist gig! Deadlines for that will take priority, but I'll still be working on commissions too!

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