Dec. 2017: Attended the 6th annual Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival, Pune, India.

Dec. 2017: The 1st annual Calcutta International Cult Film Festival is now underway. I am there! Two of my films had been selected during their 2017 season ("What Goes Around" and "Life in Cebu: Philippine Show Bands"; see I guess that makes me a "cult director"!

Nov. 2017: Now attending "Multiversity: 2017 ArTrend International Performance Art Festival" in Tainan, Taiwan (organized by ArTrend Performance Group). Some kind of avant-garde performance art going on here... kinda groovy (and that is my "expert review"!).

[showbiz update] Happening in Minnesota (2017.11.10): My music documentary (rockumentary!) "Life in Cebu: Philippine Show Bands" will make its Midwest premiere at the 18th annual Sound Unseen Film & Music Festival (listed in "The 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World, 2016") during their shorts segment starting at 9:30pm on Fri. Nov. 10. Synopsis: In this short documentary, we meet several professional musicians in Cebu, Philippines, to discover why the Philippines is such a vibrant source of musical talent across Asia, and to hear their advice to aspiring young Filipino musicians.

[showbiz update] Happening in Taiwan and on Internet (2017.11.3): ICRT-FM will re-broadcast a radio adaptation of "Treasure Island" Fri. Nov. 3 at 10pm Taipei time (10am EDT). Originally produced and broadcast in 2013, it features me voicing the characters of Squire Trelawney and two pirates (Black Dog and Dirk). Tune in to ICRT-FM in Taiwan or via the live stream at (This leaflet, created by Red Room Radio Redux, was for our live performance in 2013.)

Oct. 2017: Visited OCT Loft Creative Culture Park in Shenzhen, China ("Oct." = October, and "OCT" = Overseas Chinese Town! Sort of a "reverse-Chinatown" concept, I guess). There, they have art galleries, arts & crafts shops, bookstores, and several cafe-restaurants. Nice place to chill. (photo from dorothy y; artist unknown; more photos online at

[showbiz update] My silent short "What Goes Around" makes its Ohio premiere (my home state!) at Frankly Film Fest in Piqua on Oct. 7 at 2pm. (They asked me for a movie poster, so I created one... and had fun learning about Gimp in the process!) Synopsis: A cashier deals with customers trying to rip off a cafe.


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