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It's here: My new portfolio website! Check out my YA/MG graphic novel pitches, one-shot comics, tips, illustrations, free coloring pages, and more.

Content updates every two weeks. I can't wait!

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I did a small series on borked fantasy tropes at one point. Here is the first one.

"The reverse mermaid tries to warn sailors away from dangerous rocky shores, but alas, the sailors are compelled to sail closer by the reverse mermaid's supple legs"

Today on Comics with H.: Purposeful Tangents with Derek Ballard

Thank you to Derek Ballard for letting me use the panel he drew of himself and his vacuum cleaner to illustrate something I was thinking about through his course!

Based on GetToKnowNature 's amazing shot of a real kingfisher here! The red belt means the bird is female, so please use she/her, they/them, or it/its when referring to the character above.

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New on Comics with H: Process of an illustration of Titivillus the demon of typos, a tutorial about getting tons of detail very quickly with layer styles, and free art assets! We love those, right?

New on Comics with H.:

SAW Graphic Novel Development Month 5/6

Discussions of process, and of winnowing a comic's styleguide and character designs

Got the lines for this bee phoenix (beenix) done. This free coloring page is available to color under Creative Commons CC BY-NC 3.0.

I think it would be so fun to roll some stats and lore for incorporating the beenix into tabletop games!

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