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It's day 1! I drew Margo to start off. The theme is 'autumn leaves'. These are prep sketches that will be rendered in full color for this year. A bunch of OCs that I admire, by loads of different artists!

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I've heard a few queries as to whether I want to paintings again.

Short answer: Busy upgrading my sound equipment so you can actually hear me speak.

Long answer: Toss your Art Livestream preferences my way using this poll!

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So in case anyone was unclear on why I was studying random disembodied parts of -real- humans, it's to get better at painting -imaginary- humans

Pretty pleased with progress so far, but there's still so much left to learn!

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I did a small series on borked fantasy tropes at one point. Here is the first one.

"The reverse mermaid tries to warn sailors away from dangerous rocky shores, but alas, the sailors are compelled to sail closer by the reverse mermaid's supple legs"

Are you in Seattle during June? I'll be at ACE Comic Con!⁣⠀
I've been invited as a guest creator, so look for me in the Artist Alley. Thank you @acecomiccon!⁣⠀

Working through more Framed Ink comps by slotting in my own or historical characters into 'establishing shot' compositions - this one is for a sense of composure/stability/power

Holy Roman Emperor Otto of Brunswick (early 12th c) here is a bit anachronistic because I referenced a 15th century illustration⁣⠀

I don't have a special relationship to Notre Dame but I had grown fond of the building within my research. I feel helpless watching this go down. I was looking forward to visiting it with a purpose someday.

If you happen to feel similar, I am here with you.

Life drawing/study, so: Nudity, headless/limbless torsos, nipples Show more

I painted my progen, Etamin, about three years ago. I really needed a space to fall in love with painting again, and Flight Rising gave that to me⁣⠀
Don't mind me, just being wistful over a fae...

Playing with relationships between characters, and how props and lighting changes those relationships, by studying a comp from Framed Ink

Depicted here is Ferrand, the innkeeper’s husband, and Pierre, both striking a deal

Headless, nude male bodies Show more

A Twitter raffle prize for chaoticb3ast, of Dewclaw Creations. I opted for the feral version of this character and thought she would look great with some backlighting on a savannah, so that you can see her glow-in-the-dark eyes and horns!⁣

Studying a Framed Ink composition idea. The example is a character who is 'visually strangled', and the concept is to slot in props and setting according to a layout that is, at first, an abstract shape

I tried this out on poor, beleaguered Lebeau

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I painted this sparkly girl for Gokueater a long time ago. I still like her pose. There are some aspects to my painting style back then that I still like now, but I'm always working to improve.⁣

A demon design I'm doodling for , based on a 13th century illustration of bees, courtesy of discardingimages (BnF, Latin 6838B, fol. 29r). Trying to decide if these little guys (and there will be a lot of them) have mouths or not

Ubi mel, ibi apes!

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Art posts will resume next week (March 25th). I have to muddle through a new contract and the post-convention blues this week.

Thank you for following. My energy and passion for Warlock'd is renewed from all the amazing people I met over the weekend!

(I tabled at ECCC, btw -- Would have posted live updates here but does Mastodon have a phone app?)

Happy ! If you're going to and want to visit an artist who will chat your ear off about 12th century worldbuilding (surprise: it's me), now is your chance. I have zines, prints, blind boxes, and bone charms.

WSCC, Level 6, Table KK-7 -- We're in a little alcove off to the left of the main hallway, near some side escalators. I'm sharing with @bfleuter, creator of the excellent webcomic, The Sword Interval!

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Oof, so: no art posts for next week, I'll pick up again on March 11th.

Thank you for your patience, just resolving a few things behind the scenes

I have been informed that this character is a Shal'dorei and therefore Horde!

Well that assuages my guilt of painting for the Alliance, as an avid Hordie back when I played ;)

A portrait of a night elf for
KairyneKai, one of the winners of my portrait giveaway on birdsite! I wanted to capture the mirth + malice aspect that I enjoy about the Kal'dorei. Nature is beautiful and joyous, but also dangerous.⁣

I may do a portrait giveaway on Mastodon, but is a share/like-based contest frowned upon here?

An experimental color treatment of Margo, back when she was named Josse

⁣I might revisit this coloring style, it's pretty fast and I like the overlaid soft and sharp areas of color⁣

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