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Warlock'd Wednesday is going live on Twitch!⁣

Mark your calendars for
May 8th, 2019⁣
5p to 8p PST⁣

Next week, I'll paint a new illustration live and talk about the comic's progress (pitfalls and all). A recording on YouTube will be available afterwards.⁣

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It's day 1! I drew Margo to start off. The theme is 'autumn leaves'. These are prep sketches that will be rendered in full color for this year. A bunch of OCs that I admire, by loads of different artists!

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So in case anyone was unclear on why I was studying random disembodied parts of -real- humans, it's to get better at painting -imaginary- humans

Pretty pleased with progress so far, but there's still so much left to learn!

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I did a small series on borked fantasy tropes at one point. Here is the first one.

"The reverse mermaid tries to warn sailors away from dangerous rocky shores, but alas, the sailors are compelled to sail closer by the reverse mermaid's supple legs"

Who's doing ArtFight this year? Just signed up for Team Nightmare.

Warlock'd Wednesday is this week! Two new features:

1. Margo emoji! Now you can spam lil bird faces

2. An encore EU-friendly timeslot on Thursday morning! 9a-12p PDT/PST

Warlock'd Wednesday is today at 5p PST/PDT!

I made a custom daisy wheel badge for subscribers. We'll be laying out a street scene in Paris tonight.

So who's okay with the public house signs in Warlock'd being a little more ubiquitous and phantasmagoric than historically noted?

(Afaik pub signs existed since Roman times, but were mostly English, not French, until the 1400s, and were rectangular or shield-shaped)

Hey everyone! Wednesday's livestream is going to be a doodle n' chat session. Got hit with some work out of nowhere. I may just put in a doodle/chat stream between every event stream that I plan.

Warlock'd Wednesday is coming up, live on Twitch! We're building a book, pre-press and all, with audience suggestions for a story about Margo the bird.

Build a Book Tutorial
This Wednesday
5p - 8p PDT/PST

They cometh!! It's our beloved demonic creation, with new palette, place it calls home (trash can), and magical ability to cause sneezes

...with legy.

We're building a book next week, I promise!

Streaming under 'Hannahcomb' on Twitch Every Wednesday⠀
5p-8p PST

Today's stream we're:

1. Doodling! This means I'll take small requests on a limited basis at the beginning

2. Lovingly embellishing this demon created by Twitch.

Starts at 5p PST! :)

Tomorrow's Warlock'd Wednesday (5p-8p PST) on Twitch is going to be a Doodle Hangout. Build a Book tutorial will be next week instead.

First hour will be warmup doodles where I'll take requests, then I'll paint demons from last week!

I'm feeling a bit stressed this week, and reconsidering my upload schedule. I'm still studying anatomy but not feeling like sharing as much. I think I'd rather my feed be more comprised of Warlock'd media

Hey are there any graphic novel-specific creative retreats out there?

I can only find general art or writing retreats, and graphic novel scripts don't fit those spaces

Who's going to be at SCBWI's 'Imagine That!' conference this weekend? I'll be will my portfolio...and so will these cards I designed specifically to show off my stuff!

Inside of you are two memes about wolves, the meme that wins is the one you post

Twitch Designs a Demon is now live! Vote on horrible demon parts, win a horrible demon design!

LRT: Twitch Designs a Demon is today at 5p PST, so if you were thinking of hanging out, please do!

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Warlock'd Wednesdays continues next week (8/15/19 from 5p to 8p PST) with 'Twitch Designs a Demon'!

Vote on demon parts. I'll draw the design. Chaos will REIGN!

(Image: psalter, London ca. 1180 BnF, Latin 10433, fol. 9r)

Nude male abdomen, nipples, exposed muscles, bones drawn in a clinical manner 

I polished up this piece I painted during Wednesday's livestream. Thank you to everyone who joined in to watch me paint! My heart was warm and fuzzy after the stream wrapped up.

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