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It's day 1! I drew Margo to start off. The theme is 'autumn leaves'. These are prep sketches that will be rendered in full color for this year. A bunch of OCs that I admire, by loads of different artists!

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I've heard a few queries as to whether I want to paintings again.

Short answer: Busy upgrading my sound equipment so you can actually hear me speak.

Long answer: Toss your Art Livestream preferences my way using this poll!

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So in case anyone was unclear on why I was studying random disembodied parts of -real- humans, it's to get better at painting -imaginary- humans

Pretty pleased with progress so far, but there's still so much left to learn!

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I did a small series on borked fantasy tropes at one point. Here is the first one.

"The reverse mermaid tries to warn sailors away from dangerous rocky shores, but alas, the sailors are compelled to sail closer by the reverse mermaid's supple legs"

Lately I've been dissatisfied with my underdrawings, so I'm going to work through 'Anatomy for Sculptors: Understanding the Human Figure' by Uldis Zarins with Sandis Kondrats and Monika Hanley.

First up, three torso landmarks, the first of which are scapulae

I colored the zero-g fanart sketch of Zita for @fatcr0w! I also removed the leaves and moved the churros around a bit. Having fun exploring dynamic poses and anatomy.

I don't believe I've shared this publicly before, but here's an old color study of Lebeau in full gear.

Pros of being my friend: I randomly draw your character

Cons of being my friend: Your character becomes the subject of weird experimental color schemes

I updated my worldbuilding blog with this entry because why not:

If there's anything that makes you curious about my project, I love getting reader asks! If selected, asks are answered with art and in-character (although canon from the main project is relaxed)

Trying out something new. A prop design with context and notes. This is a medieval 'tonguestone', kept on a warlock's person to ward off gluttony-flavored bad luck. Pierre has embellished this tonguestone with his own personal mark.

Here's another Plutchik's wheel, this time showing Pierre's expressions. He'd mostly trend towards Interested/Angry on the left. He is fairly expressive but less so than Margo.

Painted this tricksy fella for Sarah Schanze as part of the month I dote on original characters, OC-tober! Was working with a primarily red color scheme, using green for shadows, and then gold for highlights.

Loki lives here:

Here's my character Margo showing off her leaf collection. October is her favorite time of the year!

My final is fanart for @thedrawingduke. I wanted to convey a view of her take on the Phantom of the Opera from the catwalk of a stage.

You should read this comic:

My second-to-final is for @arythusa because I LOVE her take on Dr. Frankenstein. Her webcomic, The Glass Scientists, has plenty of gems in terms of character design, but I like this one the best!

Read it:

A for another new friend, @vierdz, of their grumpy fantasy character, Uldin. I love grumps. Sulk, sulk.

Here is the comic where Uldin sulks:

This is a of my friend Angie's character Kamilah, who has magical powers based on the changing of the seasons.

She also Almost Too Much at parties!

A for my friend Tatterpixie, whose LA-living actor character took peyote and, based on an episode of the Simpsons he dimly remembered, decided he was literally the trickster god, Coyote.

Today's is for @shoonabee! Shoona recently released a zine where all the characters are underwater, so there's no speech bubbles.

Don't worry, sharks are just big puppies that explore things by biting them gently:

Another for a friend, Meej, of her gravely serious elf character and his penchant for contemplating the concept of death while counting beads.

Today is #24! I drew Esther for @wowowosh, the notorious entomologist who makes cute comics that make everyone love bugs...and robots.

They do really lovely things with science and art:

Time for #23! A drawing for a very new friend, @Haravanda, of her elven sorcerer character, Sylleth! Referenced some 50's pinup art angles because of her dimple and makeup.

Today is #22! @ksanzo's character, Adam, from her comic, Warhead, where everybody's head is some sort of object or animal.

Read it here, it's neat:

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