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It's day 1! I drew Margo to start off. The theme is 'autumn leaves'. These are prep sketches that will be rendered in full color for this year. A bunch of OCs that I admire, by loads of different artists!

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I've heard a few queries as to whether I want to paintings again.

Short answer: Busy upgrading my sound equipment so you can actually hear me speak.

Long answer: Toss your Art Livestream preferences my way using this poll!

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So in case anyone was unclear on why I was studying random disembodied parts of -real- humans, it's to get better at painting -imaginary- humans

Pretty pleased with progress so far, but there's still so much left to learn!

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I did a small series on borked fantasy tropes at one point. Here is the first one.

"The reverse mermaid tries to warn sailors away from dangerous rocky shores, but alas, the sailors are compelled to sail closer by the reverse mermaid's supple legs"

Trying out a new game asset production strategy, to make some graphics take a little less time while allowing some customizability. I really enjoy rendering shiny gold things and the Symmetry brush

I created a test page to gauge reactions to my concept and style at a writing critique get-together. Margo shows off her ability and I try to make it clear that I can paint my own characters and settings!

Front torso studies and simplifications for today’s . Referenced from Anatomy for Sculptors by Uldis Zarins. NSFW for a few nipples

This is Coffeecaat's Umur, a web developer dragon I painted for a Secret Santa exchange on Flight Rising. If you look at his glasses, you can see Umur is developing his own dragon bio.

Warlock'd Wednesday returns! Trying to expand my compositional horizons by working through Framed Ink, and figure out how to pose Lebeau without tangents.

Finally! I can roll out more progress on understanding how bone landmarks match muscle landmarks on the torso.

@ZiiX Thanks for making my first year on Mastodon so nice!

@Rheall Cool to hear you're's new curator! :D

Happy New Year! Reply with what you've been working on last year, and what you wanna get done THIS year!

Share anything that you create, no matter how big or small. If you spot an interesting response, be sure to engage and make friends!

I'm putting art posts on hold while I work on an unexpected contract! Thank you to everyone for your patience. Should resume in a week or two.

Every Wednesday will now be a Wednesday! I'll post sketches of my process and/or Ask a Warlock updates.

Today, experimenting with lyrical drawing styles to see how cartoony I can make Margo ("Aaaaa!")

My story: The SFW comic at the following link was flagged for adult content. I appealed it. It got re-flagged. Iunno at this point

Get your scandalous boops here I guess

Sorry everyone, I keep losing track of this, but where can I generate invite codes for this instance?

I've decided to formally gather my anatomy studies up under ! Expect life drawing notes and studies every Monday.

Pelvises: mostly learning that legs attach to the hips at a particular angle!

I'm taking an art post hiatus for the month of November to finish cleaning up my Warlock'd script for the next PitchMad event. Thank you for watching!

My favorite part about game engines gaining more and more photorealism is the GLITCHES get so much weirder and funnier

Same for unintended gameplay and control screwups

Collar bone and sternum referencing from Anatomy for Sculptors (Uldis Zarins et al). Liking this new way of referencing proportion. Want to use it prior to referencing superficial body canons from now on

Colored this fanart for @astralaves. Also trying out rim lighting. Really love the purple-leaning color palette of the comic and working in it was fun!

Read Astral Aves here, it's great for Halloween:

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