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H. McGill @hannahcomb@mastodon.art

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I did a small series on borked fantasy tropes at one point. Here is the first one.

"The reverse mermaid tries to warn sailors away from dangerous rocky shores, but alas, the sailors are compelled to sail closer by the reverse mermaid's supple legs"


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Here is day 3: Poison.

Margo the barn swallow, and some medieval antidotes.


Oh how I love the sun beaming through your...ear?

CC0 reference by Pixabay

It's the last foot in my study series! Thank you for following along. :)

An Imperial for Jaypaw. This is the leader of the lair, stepping foot in Plague territory for the first time

Studying all the weird muscles and wrinkles from a foot on tiptoe (in the rain for some reason)⠀

CC0 reference provided by pixabay⠀

I've been informed that the foot-study portion of my anatomical adventures is slightly creepy to some, so please enjoy my solution to make feet less creepy

CC0 reference by Pixabay

It's surprisingly hard to find elderly foot reference, so I did my best with a grayscale photo.

Reference provided by pixabay.com