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hi all, my name's hom, i'm a new member of this server! i'm a digital illustrator and animator with a focus on character art

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A stress-relief OC that I ended up getting really attached to? Her name is Juno. She's a half-Phoenix on a quest to find her Father, to ask Him about her mortality.

Lot of Sun Wukong cultural absorption growing up, but I couldn’t solidly tell you much of The Journey to the West or any other story, lmao.

Hi, I'm Lee, a tired Mid-20s half-black queer goth maybe vampire. Hey, I'm Lee, a half-black queer goth maybe vampire full-time freelancer.
I focus on slice-of-life and romance-driven stories with multiracial queer (sometimes goth) characters living their best lives.
You can support me monthly on either Ko-fi or
Check out my carrd for more info:
Also sub to my newsletter:

Black Princess Peach is super cute, but black Princess Zelda though 👀

Hey guys! If you're enjoying my art and would like to show some support for what I do, please consider checking out my Ko-fi page!

this was inspired by an art-tember/tober prompt, but i actually forgot to use the prompt at all in it lmao. oh well, it still got me doing art, and that's what matters!

i wrote about my art process using this piece as an example on my schlaugh ( ).

Looking to do some personal commissions, please boost!
£75✨ Pieces, like these, with backgrounds
£50✨ figures w/o backgrounds
£35✨ busts w/o backgrounds
🌱info/terms & conditions here:
Will add CW'd examples below, but theres lots on my feed/the insta linked in my profile


:DD i worked rlly hard on this.. i love these girls sm

if anyone wants to commission me now is a great time bc i need money to pay the hospital the balance from my surgery before it goes into collections so i can have other important doctor appointments ty 🖤

This is Soluna. She's a little jester made of rubber who can stretch like a Stretch Armstrong toy.

I made this OC last night and I'm obsessed with her today so watch me draw her some more

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