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hi all, my name's hom, i'm a new member of this server! i'm a digital illustrator and animator with a focus on character art

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a very difficult image to find: hi-res photo of the sleeping lady of malta

New art, light gore 

This one took me almost 6 hours to finish kslkslkslslkks
And I really *really* loved the result!!!
It's a redraw of one of my ocs, she's a zombie tiefling!!

"asshole": boring, played out
"ass hole": refreshing, unique

designing a series of characters that were originally based on frogs & toads (this gal is a midwife toad in name) but the prompt got away from me

you generally have no idea what it is like to live in a rural area and it shows in some of your takes and politics

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I would absolutely love a world where it would be both possible to be working class and not constantly teetering on the edge of eviction and avoidable death

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Hello! I’m an afrolatinx sephardic jewish chronically ill & disabled trans artist and I would love it if y’all would check out and share my art! I make Pride, Black empowerment, Judaica themed art, & working on cutesy & goth editions soon!

Looking for roommates, Boston, :boost_ok: 

hey, lena and i are moving out at the end of august and our roommate is looking for someone to take our place
greater boston, on the T, two rooms open

dm for details

creating a leftist space where people arent allowed to use the umbrella labels so we can have an actual fucking conversation about how to make everyone's lives better and not have a baby anarchist call anyone who suggests organizing something one (1) time an evil tankie

transmasc phobia psa 

cool and quick reminder that small dick jokes towards men do hurt trans men/transmascs and you shouldn't make them thanks

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