I painted another cute floof baby from a reference photo that I found on the internet.

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#Söder möchte einen jährlichen "Aktionstag für das Leben" in Schulen, um jungen Menschen mit Uterus #Schwangerschaftsabbrüche auszureden.
Die #CSU ist und bleibt ein misogyner reaktionärer Haufen Scheiße!
Es braucht faire, unabhängige Aufklärung in Schulen, anstatt Verurteilung durch alte weiße Männer - vor Klassenkamerad*innen & Lehrer*innen!

sexism objectification 

Just having a female name will get you this kind of stuff 🙈

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gofundme, ec 

my friend needs surgery which they can’t afford!! if you’ve got a quid or two to spare meb throw it this way 💜


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Wir suchen für den verlängerten Lockdown Legosteine für unsere Kids. Hat jemand ungenutzte Steine, die ein neues zu Hause suchen?

trans gcs dilation nsfw 

Today I couldn’t sleep so I did my first dilation at 4:30 AM.

This was a magical hour with the moon peeking into my living room and the morning dew forming little rivers on the outside of the cold window glass.

I got the habit of smelling my fingers while dilating (to catch early if something funny is going on down there) and this time it smelled unusually surreal and intoxicating. Like flowers on a spring meadow.

I hope that this isn‘t the Kenzo of yeast infections 🙈🤣

I painted a Starcraft base, because it’s one of my favorite games.


Sketch that portraits the idea of „half finished“ by detailing some areas more than others and not deciding on final poses or even final thoughts or a proper scan.


I tried to capture what means and feels to me sometimes.

gun, robbery 

Felt quite festive while drawing this one 😅

skeleton, bones, skull 

Some cyberpunky sketch I did some time ago


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