Hi. I am moving. handaufserz@smusi.ch is my new home.
Its a small music Instanz. If your interested please follow me there. 🙋‍♂️

Hello. long time written nothing. our movie has finally arrived on the internet. If you do not understand anything, it could be because he is in German and Erzgebirgisch. have lots of fun with it.

DEDERON Trailer of our upcoming movie.

Ball gieht's lus. Mir missen nur nach ewas zamschnieden. Diesgahr noch! Infos unter: https//:dederon-film.blogspot.com



a part of our film project is already finished. here is a little musical excerpt.

Here is a very interesting conversation about music. Attention, in German.

[Die Blaue Stunde | radioeins] Zu Gast: Prof. Fladt

Hi. Today I share a song with you again. The point is that the children should not step on the grass for the animals. That's why our parents often scolded. 🤭
"Wer soll de das haa?"

Hello and good morning. Today there is a song for you about collecting berries in the woods and what can happen then between a boy and a girl.


Hi. today there is one of our first songs. It's on a gray autumn day waiting for the winter. A real Erzgebirge winter with lots of snow and frost.
Ich wart auf´n Winter


Hello. This is the account of . It is a project from the in Germany. Our music goes in the direction of folk or songwriter. Our texts are in German, often with Erzgebirge . I'll be posting some of our music here in the near future. Maybe there are some pictures or thoughts about music, homeland, traditions and the context of these things. I hope that someone is interested or even just a quick look.
Glück auf.


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