@hamoid Good to see the accounting department is getting some fun at long last! hahaha

@hamoid wut. :P NEVER thought I'd see SPREADSHEETS as art but by gosh, that's some beautiful art! AND with

@hamoid excellent ... would be please to have some hint about how you generated that "administrative art" ! (would be so good to fill some official files with budget on such spread-cheats ;) )

1. Create a new Calc Spreadsheet in LibreOffice
2. Go to Tools > Macros > Edit Macros
3. On the code editor that opens, paste the code found at gist.githubusercontent.com/ham
4. Press the littel Run Basic button found above the code editor.
If you don't like the colors, run it again :)

@hamoid really nice ... now I want to answer to a call for art project only to fill such a weird budget :D
I'll have good time with the script... never took the effort to look at macros, this exemple is really simple and fun
thks !

@rrix @hamoid certainly is one of the better things I have seen recently! Super cool idea!

@hamoid I wasn't knowing there were a BASIC compiler with a LibreOffice lib!

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