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Dating websites are fucked up. Really fucked up. A analysis on their data trading and artistic intervention

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@Curator Hi! Why could it be that I can scroll Notifications down to see old notifications, but with Home I only can see the last 3 days, nothing older?

How can I see the messages posted by the people I follow? I can't figure it out...

After working on it for 2 years, I just released What the Loop - www.whattheloop.net An iPad app to make fun stop-motion selfies with friends! I wrote it with my partner using openFrameworks. I hope to see soon fun loops made by others!

If I search for "symmetry aesthetics" the results on the first page are not about art or design but about botox, fixing your teeth, breasts.

From yesterdays Creative Code Jam. Made with people, chairs and @ProcessingOrg vimeo.com/256287279

Kū, the Void is a synesthetic, live-generated audiovisual experience that combines hacked scientific technology and custom-developed software to expressively explore the ephemeral/immaterial.

One of my ongoing projects:

I see lots of beautiful illustrations here! I hope it's ok to post too :) soundcloud.com/floating-spectr Work in progress by my partner.

Why do I only see 3 posts when I click on when I know there are more than 3?

Hi! For some reason my business card says "Computational Artist" :) I do generative art and design, interactive installations, teach online at funprogramming.org and offline, organize meetups in Berlin.
I use tools like
I only do and I'm inspired by nature. More at hamoid.com


Yesterday we had a Creative Code Jam in Berlin, like every month since 2012. We play a coding "game", in which two teams describe to each other an animated gif loop. Then we have to code that loop based on the description. At the end we compare what we did with the original. This was my loop: mastodon.art/media/7VZ3nfLK2nr and this the original that inspired it: 31.media.tumblr.com/eb8a8ed592


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