This is from a series in which I first doodle on a book, then observe the rules in the drawing, convert them to code and finally plot it back to the same book on a new page. A feedback loop between hand, brain, code and plotter

During 's extradition trial the news media is completely silent. But it is still possible to read what's happening in it.

And this is a short teaser of the live visuals I do also with Floating Spectrum: It's rendered with and driven using midi controllers. No keyboard, mouse or display (just the projection on the wall).

I made a music video for Floating Spectrum using and featuring landscapes from Mallorca and side walks from Berlin. A story about trying too hard.

To create this I wrote a design software using Processing inside Idea. A MIDI controller sets properties like line length, thickness, depth/blur, texture sampling location & others. I work at 4K, so I implemented zoom in/out & panning. The texture comes from a photo shot in the jungle in Taiwan, in which I laid out leaves on the ground forming a pattern between life & death (life = green leaves, then yellow, red, brown & black leaves = death). Find the album at :)

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Dating websites are fucked up. Really fucked up. A analysis on their data trading and artistic intervention

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@Curator Hi! Why could it be that I can scroll Notifications down to see old notifications, but with Home I only can see the last 3 days, nothing older?

How can I see the messages posted by the people I follow? I can't figure it out...

After working on it for 2 years, I just released What the Loop - An iPad app to make fun stop-motion selfies with friends! I wrote it with my partner using openFrameworks. I hope to see soon fun loops made by others!

If I search for "symmetry aesthetics" the results on the first page are not about art or design but about botox, fixing your teeth, breasts.

From yesterdays Creative Code Jam. Made with people, chairs and @ProcessingOrg

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